In Gayle We Trust

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A small town insurance agent serves her colorful clientele and their unusual predicaments.

Curtains raise on Policies! Policies! An unexpected star is born.
A recharged Rafael breathes fresh life into his problematic script.
Rafael reveals a secret, and Gayle tries to rejuvenate his fallen spirits.
The cast's suggestions and demands drive Rafael to a breaking point.
Rehearsals are off to a rocky start, as Rafael's patience wears thin.
Gayle and Rafael try to help Zeke with his paralyzing stage fright.
The cast gathers for the first read-through of Policies! Policies!
Open auditions for Policies! Policies! has all of Maple Grove aflutter.
Rafael seeks funding for his show from the only wealthy couple in town.
Gayle encounters a strange man who wants to stage a musical in Maple Grove
Trailer: Season 3 Oct. 21, 2011
A preview of the third season of In Gayle We Trust.
The first annual Chili Cookoff has Maple Grove atwitter, with every participant assuming Gayle will award them top prize.
The Maple Grove High School football coach comes crawling to Gayle for advice on how to motivate his squad and reverse their lackluster results.
Gayle, Mike and Charlie encounter car trouble, giving Mike and his ego the perfect opportunity to play hero.
Denny Potter is so self-sufficient no merchant in Maple Grove has been able to sell him a thing. That is, until now.
The nicest family in Maple Grove attempts to uncover the culprit of their recent car accident.
Jack Stumpfl, Maple Grove's plumber-by-day, rock star-by-night returns to Gayle's office, and this time he's wearing guyliner.
Kyle and Kim return to Gayle's office, this time attempting to disguise their desperate need of parenting advice under a thin veil of insurance needs.
Rival insurance agent, Drake LaBouche, confronts Gayle on the main streets of Maple Grove and unveils his plot to bring her down once and for all.
Gayle makes a routine check-in with the Andersons, only to discover that their lives have drastically changed since her last visit.