Czechs in America

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Czechs in America is a bilingual podcast, exploring the lives and activities of Czechs in the U.S. Cesi v Americe je dvojjazycny podcast o zivotech a cinnostech Cechu zijicich ve Spojenych statech.

czechsinamerica9 April 23, 2007

Finally, episode 9 is here! It's an interview with Jan Vaculík, owner and publisher of the Texas-based Czech language newspaper Hospodář, which was founded in 1890 in Omaha, Nebraska. Mr. Vaculík, who has been publishing Hospodár for over thirty years, prides himself on the independent nature of the newspaper. His goal, as he says in the interview, is to provide education, enlightenment, and a diversity of views. More information about Hospodář can be found at this link. If you would like to hear an English version of this interview, let me know and I will create one just …


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