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We examine the findings from a TechCrunch story showing that shared kitchens, advanced logistics, and an increased demand for take-out might is breeding a new type of "kitchenless" restaurant.


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We share our analysis on all the new and updated products announced at the Made by Google event in NYC this morning. Plus we examine how well they stack up to their Apple, Samsung and Amazon competitors.
DTNS is off today due to the US holiday. We've included the day's headlines in the feed today as a result. Facebook's Portal offers video calling, Intel announces 9th-gen processors and Microsoft promises to recover deleted files from ...
An Apple memo regarding showing certain mac models must pass Apple diagnostics for certain repairs to be completed raises concerns that the company is trying to block 3rd parties from repairing Macintosh computers.
A report by Bloomberg alleges that server hardware sold by Supermicro had surveillance chips installed by Chinese authorities at the factory with the intent to spy. Dutch agents uncover a Russian GRU operation trying to hack the OPCW (Organization for ...
Microsoft throws down the gauntlet and reveals its Surface headphones. With Apple and Google already selling their own wireless headphones/earbuds are we about to witness the opening of a new front in the war between tech ecosystems?
Google announces a partnership with UbiSoft to play a streamed version of Assassin's Creed Odyssey over the browser, the Seattle PD announces a new program to combat the practice of Swatting, and Amazon raises the minimum wage of all its US employ...
With declining ad revenue and company layoffs podcasting was declared dead as an ad revenue platform just a few years ago. But was that an exaggerated analysis? We examine and discuss the details behind the alleged decline of podcasting.
We talk with Ashley V. Robinson about her and her husband Jason's new comic book Science! why they chose to Kickstart it and some of the tech they use to create.
DTNS Q3 2018 Hangout Sept. 29, 2018
Tom, Sarah and Roger give an update on the state of DTNS and chat with the audience and take questions.
It's our end of September round table show! We talk to Ryan Shrout of PCPer.com and Patrick Norton of TekThing and AVExcel about the future of DIY PC building and trends in PC hardware!
Amazon is opening a bricks-and-mortar store in New York that will only sell items that have received 4 stars or higher rating on Amazon.com. Stroke of genius or retail misstep?
We take a look at curious trend from this year's CEDIA. The overlapping of DIY Smart Home technologies and custom high-end Smart Home solutions and what it means for consumers and the companies developing the products.
Qualcomm accuses Apple of sharing their source code, Instagram founders are leaving Facebook, and Tinder tries to empower women.
Microsoft Ignite announcements, SiriusXM plans to buy Pandora, and first class VR.
Tesla, Tesla, Tesla. We discuss the reviews of Tesla's Model 3, what's going on in Elon's brain case and why Tesla is under investigation by the US Justice Department. Starring Tom Merritt, Sarah Lane, Roger Chang, Len Peralta and Shan...
Amazon introduces scores of new Alexa products. New Echo's, new features for existing echos, and an car based echo. We breakdown the announcement, pick through the product lineup and figure out what exactly you should be excited about.
DTNS 3371 - Oh, Deere! Sept. 19, 2018
Google beats out Amazon in latest sales stats of smart speakers. Will Google try to ensconce its lead as top dog in the field and what will Amazon's strategy be to get the title back?
YouTube is retiring its gaming App and bringing all its features directly into YouTube. Plus Google is giving up some control of AMP and Amazon plans on releasing 8 new voice-powered assistants later this year.
Conventional wisdom states that robots will eliminate a huge demand for human labor causing an increase in the unemployed and lead to a well spring of discontent and social tension. However, a new study from the World Economic Forum indicates that robo...