Day 6 from CBC Radio

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Day 6 is a news magazine show that delivers a surprising take on the week.

When hurricanes hit toxic waste sites, Netflix comedy overload, 'Automate This!' A.I. takes on Hollywood, 'Alone: A Love Story', the pioneers who built Canada's first women's shelters and more.
Robots in the operating room, inside the eye of Hurricane Irma, the man behind 'The Disaster Artist', Canada's northern tuberculosis crisis, an opera inspired by Fugazi and more.
Miami readies for Hurricane Irma, 'Automate This:' How A.I. is changing jobs and politics, the safest NFL helmet yet, the family life of Che Guevara and John le Carré's new novel: Should you read it?
Unheeded warnings in Houston, ethereum vs. bitcoin, techno-tourism for Detroit, saving lives in Yemen and S.E. Hinton on The Outsiders at 50.
Episode 352: Pardoning Sheriff Joe | the weirdest Expos game ever, Colin Kaepernick gets sidelined, doubling down on Afghanistan's future, the Edinburgh Fringe's best gags, the secret apartments in New York City's public libraries and more.
A rough ride for Rebel Media, what we learn from an eclipse, competitive air guitar, accessing the American dream and a husband and wife who came to love each other more as wife and wife.
Why the headlines about the U.S. and North Korea may be overblown, why Netflix is still mired in debt, the case for letting backcountry wildfires burn, why Norman Rockwell's family is opposing a museum sale, the pop chart reign of "Despacito" and more.
Venezuela is in a state of economic and political crisis. But what is the international community, particularly Venezuela's neighbours in Latin America, doing to help mediate the crisis in that country?
What neighbouring countries can do to mediate the crisis in Venezuela, Baroness von Sketch Show breaks through in the U.S., why horseshoe crabs are at risk, Dylan Marron calls up his online haters, America's last true hermit and more.
A tumultuous Week 27 in the Trump White House, the psychology behind our relationship with cute robots, why NASA is asking origami experts to help fold a giant space blanket, the museum of transology, an Inuit photography exhibit and more.
Cindy Blackstock on the suicide crisis in Pikangikum and Ottawa's inaction, Michael Phelps races a shark, why Steve Jobs' life is perfect opera material, the fight for women's rights in Saudi Arabia and more.
Episode 346: An astrophysicist's plan to stop wildfires before they start, the Donald Trump Impeach-O-Meter, 'Game of Thrones is back, why energy companies just aren't that into Keystone XL, the return of the #Pizzagate trolls and more.
Episode 345: North Korea's top news anchor comes out of retirement, "Baby Driver" stunt driver shares secrets of the trade, researchers visit the island where Amelia Earhart is thought to have died, everything you need to know about Wimbledon and more.
Episode 344: Indigenous playwright and musician Tomson Highway, the site of Canada's first Parliament building, three musicians on the albums they think all Canadians should hear, sculptor Ruth Abernethy on casting Canadian icons in bronze and more.
The secret history of the iPhone, how "A League of Their Own" brought women to the forefront, breaking down the new Prince album, why it's important to farm weed sustainably, Ryan McMahon's guide to decolonization and more.
Why shaming advertisers might backfire, the magic of Midnight Sun baseball, 'Ear Hustle' takes listeners inside San Quentin State Prison, Ryan McMahon's guide to decolonization, the rebirth of the Concorde, the ultimate summer reading giveaway and more.
The fall-out from James Comey's testimony, a new Impeach-O-Meter reading, Ryan McMahon's guide to decolonizing Canada, The Moth celebrates 20 years, Come From Away writers gear up for the Tony Awards,'Things Arab Men Say' and more.
How amphetamines are fuelling Syria's civil war, a Nashville musician who plays a Stanley Cup bass, Ryan McMahon's guide to decolonizing Canada pt. 2, Manuel Noriega's 10-year-old American pen pal, the subversive history of board games and more.
Teenage resilience after the Manchester attack, protecting Thunder Bay's Indigenous youth, Ryan McMahon on decolonizing Canada, Facebook wants to read your mind, 'party crashers' try to swing the Conservative leadership, reggaeton in western pop and more.
Weird ingredients in your summer beers, the Day 6 Donald Trump Impeach-O- Meter, violence against journalists in Mexico, finding Canada in cartoons, penguins living in minefields and a role reversal for twentysomethings whose parents have Alzheimer's.