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Day 6 is a news magazine show that delivers a surprising take on the week.

On this episode: Has China gone "lin-sane" for Jeremy Lin?; Online surveillance in the US and UK; Greek protestors invoke Nazi imagery; Charles Murray on White America; Rights for models; Real Navy SEALs star in a Hollywood movie; and Kathleen Phillips on pet suffrage.
Peter Armstrong guest-hosts. On this episode: The price tag of "Panda-diplomacy"; Boris Nemstov on opposing Putin; Yves Smith on what's wrong with the mortgage settlement deal; Ultimate Taser Ball; Making movies in Iran; AND fearing the franchise as a Schwartz's sale looms.
On this episode of Day 6: Facebook billionaires and Sudden Wealth Syndrome; Should YOU buy Facebook shares?; John Oliver and Andy Zaltzman of The Bugle podcast on Royal news; Why a moon base is a good idea; How to enjoy the Super Bowl; Tracking Syria's martyrs; and a big prize …
Day 6 - January 28, 2012 Jan. 27, 2012
Michael Moore on Oscar rewriting the documentary rules; Eurocrash! The Musical! Jon Ronson on DSM-V; The Lifestyle of Kim Dotcom, Neighbour; Linden MacIntyre reads your bad writing; Julian Assange as Oprah; And arming Assad
Day 6 - January 21, 2012 Jan. 20, 2012
On this episode of Day 6: Legendary author Elmore Leonard; Sex-selection and abortion; "Merkozy" - A love story for our time; Taliban ringtones; Why the new edition of Dungeons and Dragons matters; AND a day without Wikipedia
Day 6 - January 14, 2012 Jan. 13, 2012
Iran, Video Games and CIA Propaganda; Stealing Picasso: behind the scenes with an art sleuth; How immigration woes and drug cartels infiltrated Mexican wrestling; A guide to Canadian political donations; Making file-sharing a religion; Pete Zedlacher on the Putin vs Harper hockey match-up; and Kathleen Phillips on the CES
The Race for the White House: Matt Taibbi on why the Iowa caucuses mean nothing; Richard Dawkins on myths, magic and science; Astrophysicist Dick Henry proposes a new calendar; The Stooges' James Williamson on the journey from rock'n'roll to boardrooms (and back again); AND two takes on military intervention in …
D6B Layton's Song Jan. 2, 2012
Before dying, Jack Layton wrote a letter to all Canadians. Day 6 contributor Allison Goertz put some of those words to song.
The Big 6 revealed: the 6 biggest stories of the year as chosen by you. Find out who you picked as Newsmaker, Feelgood, Flameout, Heartbreak, Winning and Overhyped stories for 2011.
The Day 6 2011 News Quiz: test your wits against our panel of news junkies; how a kidnapped filmmaker made movies for Kim Jong Il; 11th hour gift-buying with Becky Toyne; Neil Pasricha on keeping the holidays awesome; and will there ever be a decent 9/11 movie?
Week three of The Big 6 year-end series: Walter Isaacson on Steve Jobs... ALSO Chris Hedges and Paul Wolfowitz on the late Christopher Hitchens; David Javerbaum with a holiday message from God; Understanding "The God Particle"; A creepy online cartoon and the Russian political awakening; AND Luke Harding on what …
Week Two of our year-end Big 6 series: Is The End of the World the Over-hyped story of the year? Does Ryan Gosling have the "Winning-est" tale of 2011?... ALSO: Rand Paul on the threat of indefinite detention; Lawrence Weschler on the uncanny valley; Sugar Sammy on bizarre news of …
Launch of the Big 6 2011 edition. You're vote decides our end of year program. Is Wikileaks Flameout of the Year? Also, Egyptians vexed with the vote; are Brit cops listening to your calls; Rethink 3: the value of collaboration in business; Kathleen Phillips and the Queen of Vegas; Buy …
Meet the "real" Swedish Chef (maybe); What popular music in Egypt says about the protest; Syria's creative protest tactics; the neuropathy that helped Sid the kid; NHL's new Crosby-friendly rules; Rethink: the secret underground economy; fact check like you spell check; and there's nothing sadder than a November mall Santa
Music made Gabrielle Giffords talk; Eviction the best thing to happen to #Occupy; Disney buys moms; China: masters of capitalism; P.J. O'Rourke's Holidays in Heck; In Defense of Nickelback; Oh No Ogopogo!
Go Greek for a Week: defending the new British reality show ... 60s protest veteran Tom Hayden with advice for Occupiers ... Silvio Berlusconi's recording career ... Call of Duty: the national pastime ... Tim Heidecker vs Herman Cain ... 5 reasons not to bomb Iran ... Michael Jackson reconsidered …
Papandreous's Peril; Mental Illness good for leadership; All aboard the (Herman) Cain Train; Should you read Haruki Murakami's 1Q84?; the confounding collaboration of Lou Reed and Metallica; Policing Mecca; AND a new message from Anonymous
Day 6 - October 29, 2011 Oct. 28, 2011
The end is nigh for Occupy?, a roller coaster built to kill, an open letter to baby number 7 billion, power of the lollipop, ecocide on trial, and a real mummy!
Day 6 - October 22, 2011 Oct. 21, 2011
Gadhafi is Dead - but is Libya ready for democracy? ... The Agony and The Ecstasy of Steve Jobs ... How Guy Fawkes became a model for 21st century protest ... Chris Hedges on Occupy Wall Street ... Chad Harbach on the World Series ... Why dictators love their bling …
Day 6 - October 15, 2011 Oct. 14, 2011
Is the foiled Iranian assassination plot too weird to be true? One foreign policy expert shares her skepticism ... The Liberal Party of Canada gets "Deep Sixed" ... Misleading movie trailers - what's the deal? ... New financial protest - a movement to move money out of the big banks …