Day 6 from CBC Radio

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Day 6 is a news magazine show that delivers a surprising take on the week.

Julian Assange and press freedom, the Vote Leave campaign staffer turned whistleblower, Game of Thrones composer Ramin Djawadi, paying taxes in bitcoin in Innisfil, Ont., the black hole in Intestellar, fan fiction gets a Hugo nomination, and more.
What climate change is doing to Canada's forests, Cher's 'Believe' turns 20, anger and hate in American politics, Glenn Greenwald on Brazil's right turn, 'The Secret (and spooky) Life of Canada,' Eden Robinson's 'Trickster Drift' and more.
The future of Canadian cannabis tourism, Mohammed bin Salman's dark side, Red Dead Redemption 2 and 100-hour work weeks, how to kill a TV character, April Ryan's book 'Under Fire', a robot's first TEDx Talk and more.
The fallout from Jamal Khashoggi's disappearance, François Legault's cross to bear, Rosie Rowbotham on legalizing pot, climate change as a tool of conflict, celebrity political endorsements, fun with misused words, the @Sweden tweeters and more.
Soraya Chemaly says women's rage is justified and good, A Star Is Born gets another reboot, Amazon ups its minimum wage, sharing breast milk to fight malnutrition in Venezuela, Sharon and Bram's farewell tour, The Log Driver's Waltz is now a children's book and more.
Sexual misconduct regulations on U.S. college campuses, high school students on Kavanaugh, scary mascots, winning the right for women to report from locker rooms, esports athletes, Canada's first black battalion, saving the Haida language and more.
Making psychedelic therapy mainstream, redemption and the #MeToo men, Jeremy Dutcher's Polaris Prize, the sad comedy of BoJack Horseman, 'Should I Read It?' and James Frey, Buffy Sainte-Marie's new biography and more.
How the Waffle House Index plays a role in hurricane response, changing the Charter, 'Who Leaked That?': The Trump book quiz, part two of our psychedelics series 'The Big Trip,' diversity on TV, Spain 10 years after the financial crisis and more.
Exploring the future of psychedelics in 'The Big Trip,' why Colin Kaepernick doesn't need the NFL, how the Village Voice shaped Andy Warhol's career, a 3D model reimagines Mogadishu, using technology to predict Syrian air strikes, the future of accessible gaming and more.
Recapping the summer's top news stories from NAFTA to Elon Musk, redrawing Dust from the X-Men series, gay refugees and Austria's immigration crackdown, Louis C.K. and #MeToo, Mercury 13, Gabor Maté on the opioid crisis and more.
Populist politics and the next election, the Impeach-O-Meter, Logan Paul's return, rebuilding one year after Hurricane Harvey, Glynnis MacNicol on being single, childless and happy, an inside look at Calvin and Hobbes creator Bill Watterson, and more.
Remembering the former priest who helped expose church sex abuse, why 'Crazy Rich Asians' is so huge, Aretha Franklin as the Queen of Opera, racism and the Little Rock Nine, the demand for tech in health care, Rolling Stone's first female editor and more.
Saudi trolls launch a campaign against Canada, the precarious state of Alex Jones's media empire, a moral case for climate action, the Brooklyn blogger who helped expose Paul Manafort's alleged corruption, chicken diapers, 'Son of Hitler' and more.
Anti-media political rhetoric ramps up, quiet shopping hours for people on the spectrum, privacy and smart neighbourhoods, 'A User's Guide to Cheating Death,' championing women in STEM, the man behind 3D printed guns and more.
Toronto considers ShotSpotter to curb gun violence, even the Arctic is on fire, turning rap lyrics into 3D models, the anonymous philanthropist who gave millions to women artists, inside Count Frightenstein's museum, Johnny Clegg's farewell and more.
Russia eyes the 2018 mid-term elections, the Day 6 Impeach-O-Meter, master duper Sacha Baron Cohen, defending Abdoul Abdi, implausible age casting in Mamma Mia 2, the last Blockbuster, Che Guevara's brother and more.
Jonathan Chait asks if President Trump is a Russian asset, creative solutions to Greyhound's western exodus, Alan Alda launches a podcast, Ethiopia and Eritrea reconcile, 'Happily Ever Esther,' swearing is good for you and more.
Reporting on black communities in times of crisis and calm, Scott Thompson's first-ever stand-up comedy album, Donut County vs. knock-off video games, Iceland's DNA testing debate, Walking Eagle's satirical news and more.
Archiving Vancouver's LGBTQ history, Hannah Gadsby redefines the stand-up special, Douglas Coupland embraces 3D printing, Tomson Highway and more.
How the hope of profits pushed Canada to legal pot, how Beyoncé and Jay-Z kept their video shoot secret, comforting refugee children separated from their parents, asylum seekers and the Mexican election, the illegal wildlife trade on Facebook, summer reads and more.