Day 6 from CBC Radio

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Day 6 is a news magazine show that delivers a surprising take on the week.

Toronto's LGBT community confronts an accused serial killer, what to do with the Cornwallis statue, how Cards Against Humanity hacked the Superbowl ad market, what your geotag data is revealing about you, plastic-free groceries, a comic's guide to death and more.
Quebec reckons with Islamophobia one year after the mosque attack, Norm Wilner defends "Get Out" as a horror film, how thrift shops reduce landfill waste, Manson follower Leslie Van Houten is denied parole, a hackathon for women and more.
Trump's year in tweets, the Day 6 Impeach-O-Meter, what it's like to train with North Korean figure skaters, the problem with e-waste, how the internet fails emergency alert systems, fighting for net neutrality with municipal broadband and more.
Why China won't take our trash anymore, how Syrian refugees are shaping Canadian cuisine, the overlooked meaning of Oprah's big speech, why 2018 feels purple to Pantone, Johnny Manziel wants a CFL future, David Letterman's return and more.
Deadlines loom for the Iran nuclear deal, following the fate of plastic toys in our new series ‘Wasted', what Colin Kaepernick's absence says about the NFL, the secret bunker where millionaires stash their bitcoin, why Spotify keeps getting sued and more.
Machine learning technology is poised to disrupt sectors that seemed safe from automation just a few years ago.
2017 was a really weird year, how Ridley Scott erased Kevin Spacey from 'All The Money in The World', a microdairy wins with eggnog, spoken-word poet Britta B.'s year in review, the music that mattered in 2017 and more.
The Porgs of 'The Last Jedi', eggnog's origins, Indigenous lawyers speak out against discrimination, why scientists say 'Oumuamua could be an alien probe, Gabriel Garcia Marquez's online archives, identifying the victims of Guatemala's civil war and more.
Why three major Alabama newspapers won't endorse Roy Moore, what the IOC's Russia ban could mean for FIFA, 'Walking Eagle' finds humour in Indigenous stories, a mysterious Hamilton suitcase, taste-testing eggnog, your holiday books gift guide and more.
Confronting North Korea with thumb drives, losing local newspapers, the Grammys get it right, #AfterMeToo, language in the Buzzfeed age, A Charlie Brown Christmas and more.
When the man you say groped you gets elected president, confronting the art of monstrous men, 'Swearing is Good for You', photographing Canada's homeless, bringing the CFL to Halifax and Johnny Clegg bids a bittersweet farewell.
Episode 364: Why some evangelicals will support Roy Moore no matter what, the gamer backlash against Battlefront II, Grace Mugabe's rise and fall, improving concerts for the hard of hearing, Puerto Rico's power grids and scientists' warning to humanity.
How Apple mastered tax avoidance, the 2016 election stories that never got filed, an app for the families of missing Indigenous women, Marvel vs. DC at the box-office, saving London's stretcher fences, the lost Jewish music of 1930's Berlin and more.
How Mueller's Russia probe is inching ever closer to Trump, the Day 6 Impeach- O-Meter, allegations of sexual assault against young men in Hollywood, cannabis-infused drinks, the history of 'sucking up' to the powerful, and more.
Cautionary tales from Austria's burka ban, the real-life experiments that inspired 'Stranger Things', 'The Battered Bastards of Baseball', how to stop a chocolate shortage, a supersonic jet car, the definitive Joni Mitchell bio and more.
Gord Downie's legacy, an unprecedented kilonova collaboration, drone deliveries for Canada's North, extreme Amazon HQ2 pitches, the controversial life of Rolling Stone founder Jann Wenner, the Afghan refugee youth fighting and dying in Syria and more.
How Harvey Weinstein weaponized the media, a stock market for sneaker-heads, 'The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time', the data-mining firm that helped elect Donald Trump and the Day 6 Music Panel on the price of stardom.
Episode 358: Challenging the NRA on gun laws, Canada's Magnitsky Act, communicating with Puerto Rico by ham radio, encoding music in DNA, the tasty history of Canadian snacks, why Sarah Meehan Sirk ditched us to write and more.
Episode 357: The Little Rock Nine prepare for a new fight, the Donald Trump Impeach-O-Meter, medieval scholars vs. neo-Nazis, Tabatha Southey keeps on writing, Yuval Harari on a world without work, and robots getting fired.
Day 6 presents a special preview of the new CBC original podcast, Alone: A Love Story — a memoir about love, the bomb, and the fallout.