Death Battle!

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Pop culture's deadliest characters duel to the death! Experts Wiz and Boomstick analyze each fighter's weapons, armor, and skills to find the decisive, unquestionable winner. It's your dream match-ups come to life!

Episode 29 - Soulcalibur VS Killer Instinct! The ultimate battle to decide who has the most powerful boobs in gaming! Yes, you read that right.


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Older Episodes

Episode 28 - Ninja Gaiden VS Strider! The duel to see who is gaming's deadliest ninja!
Shao Kahn Vs. M. Bison Aug. 2, 2013
It's an epic boss battle as Mortal Kombat's Shao Kahn takes on Street Fighter's M. Bison!
He-Man Vs. Lion-O June 28, 2013
Masters of the Universe Vs. ThunderCats! It's a classic battle of muscular 80's icons!
DEATH BATTLE has reached a milestone! Find out who fights next!
This is it! The ultimate answer to the ultimate question! Two alien saviors battle to the death! One will win. One will die.
Its Pokemon Vs. Street Fighter in this bestial battle of electric power! Can the quick-footed mouse take down the ferocious man-beast of Brazil?
The Dark Knight takes on your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man in this epic Death Battle. Does Spider-Man have the web-balls to challenge the world's greatest detective or will Batman squash him dead?
Legend of Zelda vs. Final Fantasy VII! Two heroic swordsmen enter the arena, but only one will leave alive. Does the Hero of Hyrule and his vast arsenal stand a chance against the superhuman might of Cloud Strife?
Marvel Comics VS Mortal Kombat! Who is the ultimate god of thunder? The mightiest Asgardian battles Earthrealm's cunning defender! Who will win? Who will die?
Super Mario Bros. versus The Legend of Zelda! Two classic damsels in distress enter the ring! But with no heroic rescuer in sight, which princess will survive the brutal battle to the death?
It's Wily versus Eggman! The greatest mad geniuses of mechanized villainy command their vast armies of robotic warriors in an all-out war!
Master Chief VS Doomguy Oct. 18, 2011
Halo VS Doom! The original FPS space marine takes on his modern-day successor in a brutal duel to the death! Can Master Chief survive a fight with Doomguy, the man who forced Hell itself to its knees? Who will win? Who will die?
My Little Pony VS Transformers! Which of these two high-speed Hasbro toys will dominate the skies and win this epic duel? Can a tiny pony really stand up to a giant robot warrior?
Chun-Li VS Mai Shiranui Aug. 30, 2011
Street Fighter VS King of Fighters! Thighs VS boobs! The legendary Chun-Li duels the voluptuous Mai of SNK's Fatal Fury to end the arcade era's sexiest rivalry!
Star Wars VS J.K. Rowling! Can a Wizard from Hogwarts take on a Jedi Master in a one-on-one duel to the death? Two heroes from two generations enter the ring, and only one will survive.
The most famous teen pop star ever meets the YouTube sensation behind the worst song ever made! Logically, they must fight to the death! It's Bieber VS Black in one of the most brutal DEATH BATTLE match-ups, yet!
Mario VS Sonic June 14, 2011
Plumber VS Hedgehog! After over two decades, this fierce rivalry finally comes to a head in a brutal duel to the death! Will Mario's raw strength and power up arsenal trump Sonic's lightning speed and buzz-saw spines? Who will win? Who will die?
Vegeta VS Shadow May 10, 2011
Dragon Ball Z VS Sonic the Hedgehog's rival! Which super-powered anti-hero will dominate the battlefield? Featuring the voices of Nick "Lanipator" Lanids and Curtis "Takahata101" Arnott from Team Four Star!
Bomberman VS Dig Dug April 26, 2011
White Bomber VS Taizo Hori! Two retro masters of terrain and ultimate destruction battle it out!