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Developer Tea exists to help driven developers connect to their ultimate purpose and excel at their work so that they can positively impact the people they influence. With over 7 million downloads to date, Developer Tea is a short podcast hosted by Jonathan Cutrell (@jcutrell), co-founder of Spec and developer at @Clearbit. We hope you'll take the topics from this podcast and continue the conversation, either online or in person with your peers. Twitter: @developertea :: Email:

Today we're talking about ways that we exacerbate ways of seeing things clearly. More specifically we're determining how to uncover truth as it relates to our surroundings, or inspection.
We've established that statistics are useful and more relevant in our day-to- day work life, but how do statistics effect our personal selves? In Today's episode we're talking about what statistics mean for our personal selves.
What makes discussions about statistics sound cold? In today's episode we're breaking down the etymology of statistics, how it's evolved over the years and how we can make better decisions based on real statistics.
How is it that we know the right things to do but often don't do them? In today's episode we'll be discussing internal operations that are so clearly correct but sometimes we fail to do it.
No matter what problem you're trying to solve, if you can create a structure to approach the problem you'll be faster at solving it. Today, I'll be sharing with you two strategies to help you structure your problem solving practice.
Most of us grow up learning skills to help us take care of things. Unfortunately we are not often taught how to keep our minds clear. In today's episode we're talking about ways to regularly help reduce our stress and maintain a healthy mindset.
Today's episode is all about the "now" that will lead you into the future. You may have grand visions of what happens in 10 years or even 20 years down the road, but what about today? How can you connect your purpose to today?
Today's episode is about big problems. The kind that aren't answered simply or in a few words, but rather with a cascade of actions. How can you get unstuck on big problems?
What do grocery lists have in common with solving problems? As it turns out, quite a lot. In today's episode, we discuss solving problems by using parameters more effectively.
Every industry has its problems, and this is also true for developers and the people in that industry. In today's episode we're talking about three problems developers face in this industry
How would you go about discovering if you actually learned something you wanted to learn? Today's episode is about evaluating whether or not you've learned something and how to shape your learning process.
In today's episode we're talking about leadership and having better 1-on-1s with our leaders.
How Our Tools Shape Us March 7, 2018
Basically everything you interact with is a tool. How does this shape you? How does it shape your evolution and learning? We'll talk about how you can pick your tools better in this episode.
Delayed Pain March 5, 2018
You've probably heard of delayed gratification? In today's episode we're talking about what we're willing to pay for gratifications now vs in the future and how to use the tendency to want immediate gratification to our advantage.
In today's episode, we'll talk about working with what you've got to solve a problem.
Accepting The Unexpected Feb. 28, 2018
In today's episode, we talk about preparing for the unexpected. Today's episode is sponsored by Linode. In 2018, Linode is joining forces with Developer Tea listeners by offering you $20 of credit - that's 4 months of FREE service on the 1GB tier - for
Asking "Dumb" Questions Feb. 26, 2018
In today's episode, we'll discuss how important "dumb" questions can be. Today's episode is sponsored by Linode. In 2018, Linode is joining forces with Developer Tea listeners by offering you $20 of credit - that's 4 months of FREE service on the 1GB ti
How is it that we can make so many decisions in a day? Today we're going to talk about what it means to have a mental model.
Actions As Objects Feb. 21, 2018
Take a minute to think about the last big bug you worked on and how you we're talking about a way to track down bugs and solving long, drawn out debugging sessions.
What Are You Creating? Feb. 19, 2018
In today's episode, we talk about the ripple effects of the work you do.