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Dvorak and Horowitz, unscripted and unrehearsed discuss markets, finance and economy like no one else.

Here we are again - earnings seasons and banks are making lots of money. The Phase 1 trade deal is scheduled to be signed on Wednesday (1/15/20) - what does it mean for markets? MJ stocks may again be in the spotlight…Tesla hits all-time highs and more… PLUS we are now on Spotify ! See […]


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Tension in the Middle East – what happens if oil prices surge? You will be surprised to hear what we found. Historical wartime market performance explored with @therealdvorak The new year starts with investors looking to get in on the action – no matte...
Part 2: Not a “Best of” – this is so much better. A chronological compilation, separated by subject from DHUnplugged Podcasts aired in 2019. In Part 2 we discuss: IPO, Tech, Tariff, Brexit. See this week’s stock picks HERE Follow John C.
Not a “Best of” – this is so much better. A chronological compilation, separated by subject from DHUnplugged Podcasts aired in 2019. In Part 1 we discuss: The Hosts, News Media and President Trump. See this week’s stock picks HERE Follow John C.
We have a trade deal! Markets love it and building on gains. Brexit resolution is at hand. Headwinds resolving. MOMO is the play as markets move up – chasing performance into the end of the year. PLUS we are now on Spotify !
Awaiting the decision on tariffs hikes ahead of the weekend deadline. Massive outflows from equity funds, but markets continue to rally. The Peloton Wife is a thing…. PLUS we are now on Spotify ! See this week’s stock picks HERE Follow John C.
Merger Monday Mania. Trade Deal Euphoria. To FOMO and beyond! London cuts Uber, Fake Meat Update and an update on the CTP. Yes, and a new brainteaser – just in time for Thanksgiving. PLUS we are now on Spotify !
Can’t keep it down – even headlines showing pessimism of a trade deal don’t shake these markets. Warning Notices: Hindenburg Omen and Ohama Titanic Syndrome… Ford’s entry into the EV market and more… PLUS we are now on Spotify !
Hong Kong protests escalate with a deadly shooting. Asian markets sell off on the news. Easy money policy continues to fuel stock rally – although interest rates are climbing again. WeWork is looking for a new CEO – who is crazy enough to take on that ...
Last big week of earnings for S&P; companies. FOMO and MOMO collide – but seeing some warnings signs on the charts. The Fed cuts and then seems to be on hold for now and the surprise bump in jobs. M&A; activity,
Several M&A; announcements this week. Trade deal may – or may not – get completed by the initial hoped for deadline. More WeWork fallout, an earnings season update and an update from JCD on California’s rolling blackouts.
Head deep into earnings season. So far, so good. Brexit delays, but a light at the end of the tunnel. Facebook crushed as more news from states looking at their business practices. The answer from last week’s brainteaser and a new one.
Earnings season is officially underway. Financials reporting mixed results with JP Morgan leading the way to the upside and Goldman Sachs to the downside. We have a skinny, partial Phase 1 Trade Deal with China – what does it mean?
Trade talks back on – then Trump hints on delisting Chinese companies trading on U.S. exchanges. Moving from an all out trade war to a new financial war. A race to the bottom in fees – puts a dent in major discount brokerage shares.
Stocks remain in a consolidation pattern, looking for a catalyst to get past previous all-time highs. China trade deal continues the on- and off-again motion as trade talks conclude with China cutting their trip short. Commentary on oil prices,
Oil rips higher – drone attacks on two Saudi installation create concern about mounting unrest in the region. On the cusp of another Fed rate decisions -will they cut again and what will they say about their future plans?
Closing in on all-time high levels again – while the impact of the trade war slows the global economy. Apple issuing debt to add fuel to buybacks an dividends. The new Volfefe index and more.. PLUS we are now on Spotify !
Plenty of strong winds. Between the hurricane and political hot air – we are all feeling the impact of troubling circumstances. The Pull-forward Effect is finally starting to show up in the U.S. as it has already ravaged Asian economies.
Economics in the Upside Down. Tariff spat and trade war heating up – markets take a dive. Yield curve (2/10’s) clearly inverted. Chicken sandwich wars and fake chicken on the menu. Are these signs of something or just business as usual?
Markets are taking back some of the steep losses from last week. All eyes are on the end of the week when we will hear from plenty of central bank know-it- alls from the Jackson Hole Eco confab. China’s economic condition is in focus and more….