Dice of Doom Podcast 032: Riddles and Puzzles in RPGs, Favourite Components of RPGs, Dice and Randomness in Games Sept. 7, 2011

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In this episode we discuss using riddles and puzzles in your roleplaying games, our favourite components of RPGs, are dice important and is a linear or bell curve of randomness more 'heroic'? Continue reading →

There is a lot going on in this podcast, so instead of writing my usual introductory blurb on this one, I thought I would do a list instead.

  • We issue commands to Play a New RPG for the month of October
  • We discuss using riddles and puzzles in your game and whether or not they are a useful tool in your GMing belt
  • We debate another question from reader Disemvowel where he asks us what our perfect system would be in terms of individual mechanics from various systems
  • We answer questions from Samaldanach about whether or not randomness is useful in a roleplaying game and a related question from Beefgriller about randomness and dice mechanics in roleplaying games

There are references to an article we wrote a while back on polarising roleplaying game between left and right style systems (much as we do political ideologies) which you may find useful to read before listening (if you haven't read it already).