Dice of Doom Podcast 036: Eclipse Phase, Screwing Characters, Tragedy, Ecology and Dwarven Women’s Grooming Habits Dec. 20, 2011

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Eclipse Phase review, deliberately screwing with your players for plot, tragedy as a campaign genre, is a realistic campaign ecology important, and the age old question - beards and female dwarfs. Continue reading →

As means of a Holiday Gift we decided to get off our butts and pause writing Goblins! long enough to issue forth this final edition of the Dice of Doom podcast for the year.

* Our final thoughts on the Sci-fi Post Apocalyptic Transhuman Horror game Eclipse Phase.
* Deliberately screwing with your player's characters for the purposes of plot. Is it OK to?
* Tragedy as a genre for a Campaign Setting (Oedipus the Roleplaying Game, anyone?)
* Realistic Ecology in Roleplaying Campaign Settings. Is it important? (Thank you HairyDM for the topic).
* Beards on Dwarven Women. Yes or no? (Thank you PizzaKarin for the topic).