Dice of Doom Podcast 046: Thoughts on D&D; 5th Edition and wrap up of Temple of Elemental Evil Jan. 21, 2016

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In this episode of the Dice of Doom Podcast, we discuss Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition, past editions of D&D; and the industry in general. We also wrap up our run through of the AD&D; campaign for the Temple of Elemental Evil. Continue reading →

We present to you, most patient listener, a lost episode of the Dice of Doom Podcast recorded sometime last year. The bits and bytes of the recording languished in a forgotten folder on a computer where it matured and gained new and fragrant characteristics. Once it had reached the pinnacle of its potential, it was edited and cut down, spliced together then thrown to the public to listen to as they please. Topics covered are our impressions of D&D; 5th edition and where D&D; stands going into the future. We also have a heated discussion about the various editions and fail to agree on anything. To make matters worse, we then wrap up our experience with the original AD&D; 1st Edition Temple of Elemental Evil campaign...