Dice of Doom Podcast 036: Eclipse Phase, Screwing Characters, Tragedy, Ecology and Dwarven Women’s Grooming Habits Dec. 20, 2011

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Eclipse Phase review, deliberately screwing with your players for plot, tragedy as a campaign genre, is a realistic campaign ecology important, and the age old question - beards and female dwarfs. Continue reading ->

As means of a Holiday Gift we decided to get off our butts and pause writing Goblins! long enough to issue forth this final edition of the Dice of Doom podcast for the year. Topics: * Our final thoughts on the Sci-fi Post Apocalyptic Transhuman Horror game Eclipse Phase. * Deliberately screwing with your player's characters for the purposes of plot. Is it OK to? * Tragedy as a genre for a Campaign Setting (Oedipus the Roleplaying Game, anyone?) * Realistic Ecology in Roleplaying Campaign Settings. Is it important? (Thank you HairyDM for the topic). * Beards on Dwarven Women. Yes or no? (Thank you PizzaKarin for the topic).