Distrowatch Weekly Podcast

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DistroWatch.com, the popular Linux distribution news and information site, publishes a weekly news and commentary section. A Guest Host reads DistroWatch content, and adds a little of their own.

Review of deepin 15.5, openSUSE unveils YaST changes, Ubuntu kernel update causes boot problems, new ubuntu 17.10 media, Devil Linux shutting down, questions and answers Spectre and Meltdown, Wayland vs Xorg, DistroWatch.com changes to Subscribing to specific projects.


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Review of GhostBSD 11.1, Linspire and Freespire return, Parsix shuts down, wide-spread CPU bugs, Ubuntu 17.04 reaching end of life, adding AppImage to application menu, Robolinux 8.10, improved package search, Archman GNU/Linux, VeltOS.
Review of MX Linux 17, openSUSE experiments with kernel powered splash screen, Ubuntu pulls downloads over BIOS bug, PureOS FSF approved, FreeBSD considers Wayland as default, UBports to run andriod apps, Manjaro to continue support 32-bit, Managing multimedia files.
Review of Fedora 27 workstation, Ubuntu on Samsung phones, Red Hat unveils RHEL for ARM, Parabola continue 32bit support, cross-distro software ports, ARM desktops and laptops, Daphile, Ready Linux, Flint OS, anemOS.
Review of Artix Linux, Korora work towards version 27, upgrade option for Ubuntu's unity users, gaining longer battery life, google search results, Guntu, Gobuntu, Unity7sl.
Review of SparkyLinux 5.1, Slax devs explore init options, Arch Linux drops 32 bit packages, Overview of Lineage OS, worried about spyware, Redcore Linux 1710, Parrot Security OS 3.9, SharkLinux, number of supported editions, HardenedBSD, postmarketOS, Regata OS, HasCoding-OS.
Review of KaOS 2017.09, Fedora delays server beta, Qubes security features, IPFire updates Apache, 32-bit deprecated prematurely, Emmabuntus 9-1.00, NixOS 17.09, FreeBSD 10.4, opinion 32 bit being dropped by distros.
Review of ClonOS 12, Reducing Snap size, Ubuntu drops 32bit media, FreeBSDs Quarterly Status report, Partitioning disks with ZFS, SparkyLinux 5.1, KNOPPIX 8.1, Tails 3.2, web browsers and non-free DRM, mobile app for getting distro news, BeeFree OS, eXtern, Advanced Persistent Security.
Maui Linux, Fedora and Snap, Void and Flatpak, Red Hat retires RHEL 5, Android running on GNU Linux desktops, FreeNAS changes plans for Corral, the future of Ubuntu GNOME, Debian elects Chris Lamb Project leader, security and source code, Ubuntu 17.04, OpenBSD 6.1, OpenELEC 8.0.0, Tiny Core Linux 8.0, sources ...
PCLinuxOS 2017.03, Canonical pulls plug on Unity 8 and convergence, Tanglu seeks developers, Chakra's infrastructure, OpenBSD on Raspberry Pi, Setting up VPN connections, Vine Linux 6.5, Univention 4.2-0, CentOS 6.9, VPN vs Tor, LibreELEC, Milis Linux, Fux, ARCHLabs
Super Grub2 Disk, Snap packages deepin applications, Subgraph OS traffic routing via VPN, Linux Mint announcements, Advanced file systems, running a script at login logout, DragonFly BSD 4.8.0, Linux Lite 3.4, NixOS 17.03, Oracle Linux, NAS4Free, Netrunner, Fedora 26 Alpha, Black Lab Linux 8.2, removing old temp files, TalkingArch, heads, ...
Minimal Linux Live, KaOS features, Uplos32 forked from PCLinuxOS, openSUSE 42.1 end of life, Emmabuntus 8-1.02, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.9, ExTiX 17.2, Linux Lite 3.4, ToOpPy Linux.
ToaruOS 1.0.4, Mint publishes updated install media, Debian packages Android SDK, Debian starts project leader election, Ubuntu 12.04 reaches end of life, fixing expired MX Linux signature, Linux Mints security record, Porteus Kiosk 4.3.0, Chakra GNU/Linux 2017.03, NetBSD 7.1, FreeNAS Corral, changing look of the Distrowatch header.
Korora 23, Linux Mint improves security, Ubuntu MATE on Raspberry Pi 3 computers, trying different file systems
Solus 1.0, Mint provide upgrade path to 17.3, Fedora developers work on stability, running the LXQt desktop
paldo GNU/Linux, vetting distro repositories, Fedora plans to adopt GCC 6, Ian Murdock passes
Arch Linux, Qubes OS to ship on Librem laptops, ALT offers start kit images, the spread of systemd and launchd
Chakra GNU/Linux 2015.11, removing meta-data from files, Ubuntu to remove on- line dash searches
OpenBSD 5.8, openSUSE gathers Summer of Code proposals, running WINE on a live disc, Enlightenment adds Wayland support
Qubes OS 3.0, KaOS with Plasma, NetBSD 7.0, Fedora seeks Wayland testers, scheduling tasks