Now or Never

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Hosts Ify Chiwetelu and Trevor Dineen leap into the action with Canadians who are making things happen. Sometimes things go right. Sometimes they go off the rails. Either way, Now or Never nudges you to make a change, big or small.

This week DNTO is heading north of the 55th parallel to Mathais Colomb Cree Nation, Pukatawagan Reserve. Meet the people who call it home and hear the joys and challenges of living on a remote, Northern reserve.
With Sook-Yin and the DNTO team on assignment in Pukatawagan, MB this week, we revisit our season opener from 2013 - a look at "odd couples" and unlikely alliances. (Originally aired Sept. 7, 2013)
Being together, being apart and revelling in the moment of reuniting. This episode is all about what happens when friends, family members and even strangers get together and share their stories.
Whether you're under the weather yourself, or supporting a loved one, illness puts you to the test - and has the capacity to transform your life. This week, DNTO takes a look at the creative ways Canadians confront sickness, and walk the road to recovery.
Right now, there are more than 15,000 inmates in federal prisons. That's a lot of people we rarely hear from. But this week, we'll hear from a few people - from prisoners to former prisoners to prison guards - about their experiences behind bars.
From looking fashionable while dressed head to toe in a snowsuit to surviving the most bone-chilling conditions, the cold holds a special place in the lives of Canadians.
With the start of a new year, are you trying to break a bad habit? This week, we'll hear about all sorts of habits... and many different approaches to dealing with them.
With the holiday season upon us, it calls to mind the epic adventure of the pilgrimage: a journey to a place of spiritual significance. (Originally aired Dec. 21, 2014)
We put 'em on all the time... but how often do we think about what the humble sweater represents? (Originally aired March 17, 2012)
Sometimes, we have to get creative to get through the holidays. So this week, DNTO takes a look at the moment family traditions are flipped on their head.
'Tis the season... when hundreds of thousands of Canadians find themselves at the mall! So on this week's DNTO, we offer a little retail therapy - and look at the moments when shopping is anything but simple.
Halifax is home to the brand new Halifax Central Library, billed as the city's 'living room' - a place to build community and share stories. So what better place to cozy up and hear some of the city's best tale winders?
From cheating on an English test to cheating on a partner, secrets big and small can weigh heavily on us. And when we finally unburden ourselves, things don't always turn out the way we expect. This week, DNTO wonders: when you confess, what happens next?
The topic of race can be a tough one to talk about. But in a country as diverse as Canada, race doesn't have to differentiate us: it can also bring us together. This week, DNTO asks: when did you come face to face with race?
How far did you go to survive? This week, we bring you truly incredible stories about life, death, and the moment you thought you might not be able to make it. (Originally aired May 3, 2014)
Whether you're a born leader or a bit of a sheep, we've all had moments when we've found ourselves in charge. From running a city or babysitting for the first time - what happened after you were handed the reins?
Whether it's a world famous masterpiece or a crayon drawing made by your children, the right piece of art can knock your socks off. This week, DNTO looks at the transformational power of creativity.
Ever feel like the walls are slowly closing in on you? Or that your personal space on a bus is quickly filled up by strangers? We're exploring what happens in close quarters, and the memorable encounters that follow.
We've all had moments when singing has cut to our core. But why does the human voice have such a grip on us? And what happens when a song becomes more than just words and music? This week, DNTO takes a look at the power of singing.
What is the one thing in your life you'll never let go of? Now imagine letting go of that thing for good. On this episode, we're exploring the things you let go of...and finding out what happened next.