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Afghan Stars now Aug. 16, 2022
A year on from the Taliban takeover, Sahar Zand talks to prominent Afghan musicians
Bonus podcast: The Bomb Aug. 13, 2022
The man who stole the atomic bomb. This is season 2, episode 1: A grave matter
Kevin Fong chairs a debate on the future of cars
We hear how drought is affecting people around the world
When the president stands accused of drug trafficking, what hope is there?
Kavita Puri marks the 75th anniversary of the division of the Indian subcontinent
Women's football Aug. 6, 2022
Female footballers and commentators on the challenges and progress within their fields
The dilemma facing the citizens of Kherson
My granny the slave Aug. 3, 2022
Claire Hynes goes on a personal journey to uncover the story of her enslaved ancestor
Fighting wildfires July 30, 2022
US firefighters discuss one of the most dangerous jobs in the world
The return of the tigers July 28, 2022
Tigers are making a remarkable comeback in Nepal
Exploring what the idea of ‘commonwealth’ means to Birmingham's grassroots sports heroes.
Extreme heat July 23, 2022
People around world discuss how extreme heat is affecting their lives
Shanghai lockdown July 21, 2022
How covid changed China’s commercial capital
Nursing matters July 19, 2022
In Zambia there is still only 13 nurses per 10,000 people, compared to 175 in Switzerland
Sri Lanka crisis July 16, 2022
People across Sri Lanka describe how the crisis has affected their lives
How one man survived to bear witness to one of the worst atrocities of the war in Ukraine
Shrimps, saris and guns July 12, 2022
The village women in Bangladesh taking on the global shrimp industry to protect their land
Boris Johnson July 9, 2022
Reactions to the UK Prime Minister’s resignation
Ukraine war stories July 7, 2022
Assignment follows the stories of four young women whose lives have been changed by war