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Why has the post-apartheid dream of a "Rainbow Nation" not been easy to realise?
Dying to hunt in France April 7, 2022
A string of fatal accidents have turned hunting into a hot topic in the French elections
Three fatal shark attacks have changed the remote, ocean-loving community of Esperance
As the fighting in Ukraine continues, we hear about the psychological effects of war
How has the Saudi royal family maintained strong worldwide influence in spite of critics?
Life's big questions April 2, 2022
What are the big mysteries that people want to understand about life?
Shipwreck March 31, 2022
Searching for the identities of those who died in a Mediterranean shipwreck
Viktor Orban and the war in Ukraine. How dangerous is it for him and for Hungary?
How major news stories are affecting the lives of people around the world
World of Wisdom: Guilt March 26, 2022
How do we deal with a nagging sensation of guilt?
Counting them in March 26, 2022
On the war's 40th anniversary, Mike Wooldridge reports on life in the Falklands today
Why is Taiwanese reunification so important to China?
The impact of the most restrictive abortion law in the United States
Author Jerry Barnett investigates the recent decline in sex in the western world
How the militant Islamic group took hold in northern Nigeria
How do we find peace with our mothers when we have a difficult relationship with them?
Tim Whewell follows the story of a Russian prisoner of war in Ukraine
The Shutdown: Conflict March 16, 2022
Why do governments shut down the internet during times of conflict?
Is the Pacific island of Bougainville ready to become the world's newest country?
The UN says war in Ukraine has created Europe's fasting growing refugee crisis since WW2