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Ros Atkins looks at the western military alliance’s influence in global politics
World of Wisdom: Regrets Feb. 12, 2022
Have you ever looked back at your past and thought – I wish I hadn’t done that?
Lucy Ash catches up with a warzone bakery comforting people in an east Ukrainian town
No satisfaction Feb. 8, 2022
Why young people are having less sex than previous generations
The challenges of helping communities caught in Ethiopia's brutal war
The Winter Olympics Feb. 5, 2022
Who hear from two skiers from Peru and Lebanon who will be competing in Beijing.
Ros Atkins looks at the Spotify misinformation controversy
When we seem to have lost some of the passion for life, how do we re-engage?
The impact of Mexican 'narco cultura' on the women of Sinaloa
Pakistan's long game Feb. 1, 2022
Owen Bennett-Jones examines the long game Pakistan played in the US defeat in Afghanistan
Can lessons from past atrocities help resolve the current political crisis?
How music was kept alive by Jewish musicians in the camps and ghettos of Nazi Europe
We speak to women in Kyiv and Moscow about tensions between Russia and Ukraine
Ros Atkins explains why everyday essential items are costing more now
Can we learn to let go of negative thoughts that are bringing us down?
The high stakes cat and mouse game between police and darknet drug dealers
The story of Brenda Chitindi's efforts to introduce a Tobacco Control Bill in Zambia
A female student in Afghanistan speaks to former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton
The wealth of music during the Nazi era including secret sessions by Jewish musicians
What happens if you disagree with your relatives on Covid vaccines?