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Ros Atkins looks at why China is still pursuing a strict zero-Covid strategy
Can developing self-love mean we need less appreciation from others?
Imagine walking down a street in a European capital and meeting your torturer
Silence would be treason Jan. 15, 2022
The last prison writings of Ken Saro-Wiwa in the run-up to his execution
How global sports stars are approaching Covid vaccines.
Ros Atkins looks at the issue of vaccination in sport
Trying to become the real you can be hard, especially if it means upsetting your family.
How a new motorway is fuelling fears about debt, corruption, and submission to Beijing
Forest fear Jan. 8, 2022
Deforestation allows what's hidden within to get out, possibly to spread deadly pathogens
We connect to people helping to administer vaccines in different parts of the world.
Ros Atkins looks at the aftermath of the attack in 2021
It can be hard to choose how to spend our precious time in later life. How do we decide?
Turkey's crazy project Jan. 6, 2022
The ambitious new canal project that's dividing opinion in Istanbul
Wafa Mustafa has been searching for her dad since he went missing in Syria in July 2013
Young people working to diversify science, technology, engineering and maths
Young people trying to change attitudes and save lives
Can a new generation of activists solve the problem of hunger for good?
Babita Sharma meets young people from around the world working to fight climate change
Lyse Doucet hears about the hopes of a younger generation of Afghans
How will we wean ourselves off fossil fuels?