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A rich selection of documentaries aimed at relentlessly curious minds, introduced by Rhianna Dhillon.

Generation Z is self-taught. No-one any older really gets that. The children born around the turn of the millennium came into a digital world and had to find out for themselves how to navigate it. Sure, we all live it now - but we weren't formed by it. We came to digital from the safety of adulthood. In this programme, six wise school-leavers take us on their digital journey in their home town of Huddersfield. Simone has lived there her whole life and is about to leave for university. But before she goes, she's joined by a group of her ...


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Older Episodes

Kapow! Oct. 1, 2019
Cathy FitzGerald visits the Brooklyn Superhero Supply Company.
The Ballad of the Fix Sept. 27, 2019
The story of Scotland's deadly drug crisis narrated by the voice of the narcotic itself.
Dr Josie Barnard investigates the deep social divides created by the digital world.
Gemma Cairney and Loyle Carner travel to Georgetown, Guyana, for a musical collaboration.
Going to the Gay Bar Sept. 17, 2019
Travis Alabanza investigates the impact of the closure of LGBTQ+ venues in the UK.
House of Dreams Sept. 13, 2019
Step inside the home of Stephen Wright, a work of art reverberating with past lives.
Art of Now: Sell Out Sept. 10, 2019
The art world is awash with corporate money and brand partnerships. Should we be worried?
In a London studio, the ancient craft of globemaking finds a modern spin.
Rotherham resident Joanne Keeling looks at the problem of overeating in the town.
Mark O'Connell makes the case for ambivalence.
Can Facebook Survive? Aug. 13, 2019
David Baker investigates if Facebook can survive its recent troubles intact.
Power of Deceit Aug. 9, 2019
Lucy Cooke discovers why being a bit sneaky may be an excellent evolutionary strategy.
Hannah Jane Walker argues that sensitivity is overlooked, dismissed and under- utilised
The Upside of Anxiety July 30, 2019
Andrew Hussey examines the damage done by anxiety and also the benefits it might offer.
From College to Clink July 26, 2019
Britain's brightest graduates start their working life behind bars as prison officers.
America's Child Brides June 28, 2019
The tense argument on child marriage in the USA.
Allan Little explores how anti-Muslim hatred was mobilised during the Bosnian war.
What's in a Game? June 7, 2019
Alex Humphreys asks if video games should be appreciated as a form of art.
Rewinder May 20, 2019
Greg James digs into the BBC's archives, using current stories as a portal to the past.