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A rich selection of documentaries aimed at relentlessly curious minds, introduced by Rhianna Dhillon.

Jennifer Lucy Allan presents a eulogy for the disappearance of the foghorn.
From climate change to smoking and cancer, this is the story of how to manufacture doubt.
Archiving Black America July 28, 2020
Maya Millett speaks to the archivists amplifying the buried stories of African-Americans.
Mat Fraser imagines how different our world would be if everybody had a disability.
A Deadly Trade July 21, 2020
Even through lockdown boatloads of refugees made the dangerous crossing by boat to the UK
Writing's on the wall July 17, 2020
Lucky socks, pre-match rituals, Nadal’s water bottles. Sport is teeming with superstition
Summer with Greta July 10, 2020
Greta Thunberg describes the remarkable and tumultuous past year of her life.
New universal credit claimants tell us about their lives on hold.
Mapping the Future July 3, 2020
Jerry Brotton navigates the transformation from paper to digital mapping.
On the Menu June 30, 2020
Adam Hart explores our relationship with some of the animal kingdom's deadliest predators
Stretch and Listen! June 26, 2020
Derrick Evans, aka Mr Motivator, tells the global story of fitness on the radio.
Girl Power RIP June 23, 2020
Journalist and author Ella Whelan asks if contemporary feminism is - well - dead.
The New Tech Cold War June 19, 2020
Gordon Corera asks if the West is losing the technological race with China.
The story of blind architect Chris Downey, told in his own words.
Tom Chivers asks what football's search for truth tells us about uncertainty in our lives
Introducing You'll Do June 10, 2020
Catherine Bohart and Sarah Keyworth want to know what makes relationships work.
Afterlives June 9, 2020
Two women share their journeys from shame and guilt to recovery.
Claudia Hammond explores the wellness phenomenon, from its start in California to today.
Dr Alixe Bovey presents a surreal journey through the world of medieval marginalia.
Butch May 29, 2020
Joelle Taylor celebrates 'being butch' and asks whether it's an identity with a future.