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A rich selection of documentaries aimed at relentlessly curious minds, introduced by Rhianna Dhillon.

From College to Clink July 26, 2019
Britain's brightest graduates start their working life behind bars as prison officers.
America's Child Brides June 28, 2019
The tense argument on child marriage in the USA.
Allan Little explores how anti-Muslim hatred was mobilised during the Bosnian war.
What's in a Game? June 7, 2019
Alex Humphreys asks if video games should be appreciated as a form of art.
Rewinder May 20, 2019
Greg James digs into the BBC's archives, using current stories as a portal to the past.
The Prototype May 17, 2019
Hannah Catherine Jones meets instrument inventors challenging the status quo.
The Fast and the Curious April 30, 2019
Tom Heap's confessions of a petrol-headed environmentalist.
The Bubble April 26, 2019
Two social media users swap accounts and live in each other's bubble during Brexit.
Peach Fuzz April 23, 2019
Mona Chalabi asks why female facial hair still seems to be a source of such shame.
A Sense of Time April 12, 2019
Does a second feel the same for a fly, a bird, or a swordfish, as it does for me?
The Monster Downstairs April 9, 2019
Life for the child of an alcoholic can be lonely. Camilla Tominey hears their stories.
A Job for the Boys April 2, 2019
What are the hidden consequences of having so few women in the tech industry?
A fight for survival and a message for the West.
Loyalties are tested as street power grows.
All the world – or at least all of Russia – is a stage.
The man from nowhere slides up the greasy pole.
This is the story of the most powerful man you’ve never heard of.
What went wrong in flat 113 at Grenfell Tower? Katie Razzall pieces together the evidence
20 years on from the publication of the Stephen Lawrence Inquiry, how much has changed?
What do you do when you realise you’re non-binary?