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A rich selection of documentaries aimed at relentlessly curious minds, introduced by Rhianna Dhillon.

#OurBoysAsWell March 1, 2019
Does talk of 'toxic masculinity' mean we are now seeing boys as potential perpetrators?
Branding Genius Feb. 22, 2019
Who owns Shakespeare? Graphic designer Teresa Monachino goes in search of Brand Bard.
Bill sets off on a mission to shake up the music industry by causing chaos and confusion.
India Rakusen discovers how her generation is changing the workplace.
Jolyon Jenkins investigates whether we're really in the grip of a narcissism epidemic.
Is it a good idea for us to feel each other's pain? Jolyon Jenkins investigates empathy.
Argentinian dancer Marianela Nunez shares her life behind the scenes at the Royal Ballet
From H.P. Lovecraft: The investigation into a mysterious disappearance.
Fifty years on from votes at 18, how should we set the voting age?
Apollo 8 Jan. 4, 2019
The first mission to take human beings beyond the earth's orbit
Doorstep Daughter Jan. 1, 2019
Two very different families join together to raise a baby - and change each others' lives
The Power of Twitter Dec. 25, 2018
The story of how Twitter accidentally became the 21st century forum for political debate.
Introducing Life Lessons Dec. 20, 2018
Young UK adults talk about the issues that matter most to them.
Contracts of Silence Dec. 18, 2018
Tiffany Jenkins on the use and misuse of 'gagging clauses' or non-disclosure agreements
The art of Tomás Saraceno who makes sculptures and music with spiders and their webs
Turning base metal into musical gold - swordsmiths and Dead Rats!
Underwater artists who paint, sculpt and dance beneath the sea.
Ghosts in the Machine Oct. 30, 2018
Exploring the people who hear spooks in random sound and the world of auditory illusion.
Class Act Oct. 23, 2018
Lenny Henry on how to get more young working-class and BAME actors into the industry.
The Supercalculators Oct. 19, 2018
Alex Bellos meets the supercalculators taking part in the Mental Calculation World Cup.