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It's alive! The future of artificial intelligence.


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We chat with Swinburne University's Chrystal Zhang about the new rise of supersonic plane development. We also pit 5G technology against the NBN: Which is better for you? Snapchat redesign boosts growth and we take you inside the not-at-all-dirty world of
This week we delve into arguably Silicon Valley's most scandal-prone company. The ridesharing and food delivery service is loved by many consumers but is currently embroiled in a US lawsuit involving self-driving cars and is facing new competitors in Aust
We pit the new home assistance against each other. We also examine whether your data will be better protected under new breach protection laws rolling out next month. And why Grindr is the social network that needs more respect.
Are six people REALLY looking at this item right now? Probably not. We look into the patterns that websites use to make you spend online. Plus, can Netflix fight off gargantuan potential rival streaming services from Disney and Apple. And your Facebook fe
Recorded live at the Video Junkee 2017 Festival in Sydney, the creator of the dark animation talks about working with Netflix, crafting a show about depression in the movie business and much much more.
Online Porn producer & director Michelle Flynn and Adult Performer Lucie Bee talk about the push to make ethical adult entertainment and how technology has been changed by erotic content and how porn is changing with new digital innovations like VR and mo
Recorded at the ACMA Australian Content Conversation, Marc Fennell sits down with a team of content makers and industry experts to work out how the future of Australian Video is likely to shift. Jennifer Wilson (The Project Factory) Rosie Lourde (Starting
Encore Podcast Special! In his only Australian interview, we speak to the creator of the controversial and acclaimed S-TOWN series Brian Reed. Ahead of his Australian visit he speaks to us exclusively about the ethics & artistry of the blockbuster series
Do you ever wonder what really goes on behind the scenes of movie special effects? How difficult is George Lucas to work with? Who is really in charge on a Marvel Studios production? Why do effects designers brace for a Baz Luhrmann shoot? This week we br
Recorded at REMIX Sydney. What are the critical factors for building a vibrant, relevant and sustainable creative nation? This session explores a range of trends, challenges and opportunities that will help us shape the future of the cultural and creative
Marc Fennell, Claire Reilly and Peter Marks wrap up the year in media, technology and culture.
Peter Marks joins us from Japan where he has the latest on Google's machine learning technology and an inside look at YouTube's state-of-the-art Studios which are free to use for any contentmaker with over 10k followers. Olivia Rosenman and Matt Hopkins p
The Room is widely regarded as one of the worst films ever made. We sit down with the co-star Greg Sestero on the eve of the release of the new biopic The Disaster Artist which recounts the epic production. Panellists Claire Reilly and Rae Johnston also t
Ariel Bogle and Nic Healy join us this week to talk about digital pills and to make Marc feel better about the amount of screen time he gives his kids. And we sit down with Editor-in-chief of the Gen-Z pop culture site Punkee to talk about some of the dif
Plus we examine the fallout from the recent Washington enquiry into the role Russian influence had on the 2016 election. And even Snapchat's own CEO thinks that Snapchat is too confusing.
Maxime Durant is the man tasked with the job of making sure the ancient Egypt you see in Assassin's Creed: Origins is as accurate as possible. And he takes it pretty seriously. Also this week: Is Facebook listening in on your phone conversations and we ch
Netflix have long kept their viewing figures a secret but now the metrics company Neilsen reckon they've found a way to game the numbers. Plus we sit down with the CEO of the Webby Awards David-Michel Davies and we also explore whether Facebook is going t
NBN complaints up 160% Oct. 19, 2017
This week on the show: Shared cycle start-up oBike have seen a number of their bikes and up in a river. Is this the start-ups fault or our own? NBN complaints spike, Why Facebook bought TBH and is you Wifi Password as secure as you think it is? (spoiler a
Thomas Schumacher is the head of Disney Theatrical productions and used to run Walt Disney Animation when it pumped out Aladdin, The Lion King, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Pocahontas, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Mulan, Tarzan, Hercules and Lilo & Sti