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When leisure travel returns, Rick Steves has a model for offsetting the carbon footprint.


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Did you know you can make a delicious caramel with raw cashews? Hear all about it in our interview with Brandi Williams of Primally Inspired Eats.
The Next Generation Farmers Youth Program at Lawrence Community Gardens in Indianapolis, takes farm-to-table learning to the next level--with a chicken processing workshop.
They talked about it on a Thursday, and served their first meal on a Monday. Rahul Shrivastav and Carl Ipsen tell the story of the Emergency Meal Project on the IU campus.
Freed slaves were promised land by the government, but the promise was never fulfilled. Adrian Lipscombe’s Forty Acres and a Mule Project aims to purchase land for Black farmers.
Hattie Johnson had a plan for the lunch program, should the schools need to close because of COVID-19. She just didn’t expect to pivot quite so quickly.
Have you ever explored a city by way of pie? Hear the ups and downs of a Michigan pie tour from pre-COVID days, way back in January.
So-called urban food deserts are often low income neighborhoods, and/or predominantly black neighborhoods. What’s wrong with the term food desert, and how might we rethink what it means?
Chef David McAtee, known to his friends as YaYa, ran a Barbecue stand on Louisville’s West Side. We remember him, and the food he prepared for his community.
COVID-19 has complicated grocery store shopping and sent waves of customers to some rural markets. Plus, fresh food as medicine, and conversations with commercial fishers in Oregon
A decentralized food system could mean a more resilient food system. Immigration reforms could make a big difference, as well.
Janie’s Farm and Mill in Eastern Illinois offers whole grains and flours to feed people. When the demand switched from wholesale to retail, they could easily shift gears.
A grassroots organization, a pizza joint and an artisan bakery--hear how stay- at-home orders affect their work.
From no-contact carry-out to manufacturing hand sanitizer, local food businesses are making swift changes in response to COVID19 restrictions.
The co-founder of Soul Fire Farm talks about the historic role of black farmers in developing some of the most beloved agricultural practices of small scale farmers today.
Where The Fig Tree Grows April 17, 2020
One response to the current pandemic (and spring, perhaps) is a widespread urge to grow food. Did you know figs can grow in Indiana? Ann and Alan Schertz share their fig secrets.
Maybe this current global crisis has you thinking about growing your own food. We reflect on why that might be, and share some practical gardening tips.
Hattie Johnson had a plan for the lunch program, should the schools need to close because of Covid 19. She just didn’t expect to pivot quite so fast.
Providing food is considered an essential service. What’s involved in providing that service while maintaining social distance?
A young dairy farming couple makes it work by making cheese, and a young farmer explores a Jewish farming practice.