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Part 2 in designing a better uCurrent. A datasheet shootout between the Maxim MAX4239 and the TI OPA189 A deeper dive into the datasheet specs from the previous video, looking at gain bandwidth product, noise, supply current and voltages, offset voltages histograms, input bias currents, recovery and settling time, and slew rates. Forum: ...


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Dave shows how to use reference waveforms to capture, compare and time correlate more then one signal at a time on your oscilloscope when you just can’t hold all those probes at once. Forum: https://www.eevblog.
Dave analyses a PCB layout from the EEVblog forum and covers all sorts of tips for SMD layout, component placement, routing, layer stackup, controlled impedance traces, supply planes and power bypassing. Original forum thread: https://www.eevblog.
Repairing a JBL LSR308 studio monitor speaker. Digital troubleshooting in a speaker? Yep, that’s a thing! How to systematically track down a fault and *know* that part has failed. Forum: https://www.eevblog.
The SunPlower is supposed to be able to power mobile phone towers, propel boats and submarines, and fly you around in an Air-Taxi! Let’s turn flat solar panels into wind turbine blades! The laws of physics and engineering might have a lot to say about ...
Don’t be caught out by embarrassing premature triggering! Dave demonstrates how and why your oscilloscope may trigger before it’s supposed to, and how to solve it. Forum: oscilloscope-triggering/
The TS80P is the upgrade to the TS80, Dave’s previous favorite portable soldering iron. But with added USB-PD and 30W vs 18W. Various Aliexpress stores:
Is there a better chopper/auto-zero amplifier than the MAX4239 used in the uCurrent? A look at the exciting world of parametric searching for components. Follow along as Dave looks for a new state-of-the-art opamp. Success not guaranteed!
$140 for a 2CH 100MHz 1GS/s tablet oscilloscope? Review of the $140 FNIRSI-1013D 2CH 100MHz 1GS/s tablet oscilloscope. Is it too good to be true? Forum:$140-2ch-100mhz-fnirsi- tablet-oscilloscope-review/
Quantum Computing from an Electrical Engineering perspective, with professor Andrea Morello from UNSW. Forum: electrical-engineers/ Full video on EEVdiscover:
What’s inside a Philips curved array ultrasound probe? Multi-element ceramic transducers: Subscribe on Library: Forum: https://www.eevblog.
Complete teardown of an ATL/Philips HDI 3000 ultrasound machine. Time Gain Control Compensation: Subscribe on Library: Forum: https://www.eevblog.
Double 13 is worse than normal 13, obviously. More mailbag. Forum: SPOILERS: Back in the old lab! Vintage Soviet Union PC. 10:42 3G modem with a funky antenna.
Zooming in is easy, but can your oscilloscope zoom OUT? A look at the results of differences in scope acquisition architecture, and fixed vs auto memory depth. And what’s the difference between the STOP button and the SINGLE button?
The 5G USB BioShield is an obvious SCAM. Please share this this video with Facebook groups and other places where you see this scam advertised. 2nd part of the video coming soon on my 2nd channel. A look at the 5G BioShield,
Teardown of the new Siglent SDS2000X Plus $999 oscilloscope. Can it be hacked to 500MHz? Hacking thread: sds2000x-plus-hack/ Forum:
Will a 1970’s era Intel 8085 design kit power up after 40 years? A look at the Intel MCS-85 System Design Kit and some vintage computer and processor history. Subscribe on Library: Forum: https://www.eevblog.
How to reduce your PCB assembly cost & production risk by optimising schematic and BOM. Dave explains three ways to consolidate your project PCB Bill Of Materials (BOM), to make your products potentially cheaper and easier to manufacture with less supp...
A five part video series on building the Free PDK open source programmer for the 3 Cent Padauk microcontrollers. A new video released 9am Sydney time every day. Part 1 is about how to take a github hardware project and order the parts and PCB from a Bi...
Review of the $225 Kingsom KS-180 HEPA flexible arm solder fume extractor. Does it suck? Collector_62409199915.