English At Work

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Do you work - or wish you worked - in an English-speaking office? Get the phrases you need to succeed in business and avoid embarrassing mistakes with colleagues and clients. In this fun office-based drama, we follow Anna's progress at Tip Top Trading, the UK's most successful plastic fruit merchant.

It's time for Anna to develop Tip Top Trading's European marketing strategy but where should she begin?
A French company is about to place an order which could save Tip Top Trading from closure - but Anna needs some help to negotiate the deal.
Paul wants the team to make some cold calls to find out who is buying plastic fruit but this is a new challenge for Anna who has to warm up her cold calling skills.
Mr Socrates has announced a new strategy to sell plastic fruit to Europe. He also ends up in a pub and has too much to drink.
It’s the big day and Mr Socrates is about to arrive at the offices of Tip Top Trading to talk to the team officially. What is on the agenda? What is he going to say?
Mr Socrates, the big boss from America, is in town and he's not happy with the hotel room Anna has booked for him.
The big boss from America, Mr Socrates, has arrived for a visit! Find out what happens next with this episode of English at Work.
Anna has to take charge following a fire alarm. Is this a real fire emergency or just a drill?
Paul, the boss, mistakenly thinks Anna's been smoking on company premises and she has to explain herself.
When Anna meets Mr Ingle, the warehouse manager, she's surprised to see him doing something dangerous and illegal.
The staff at Tip Top Trading are gossiping about Paul's announcement that Anna is to lead the company's new stock management system for the new laser-curved fruit. Meanwhile, she is worrying about what to do and gets some useful advice from an unlikely member of the team.
An office meeting has been scheduled, but Paul is running late. He's asked Anna to take charge and start the meeting without him. She has to learn how to structure a meeting but just as she does, Paul arrives with some exciting news for Anna.
There's a big mix-up and it's time for Anna to learn some language that explains there has been a misunderstanding.
Anna sends an email using text-speak and Paul, the boss, isn't impressed. Listen to this programme to find out what happens.
This week's programme focuses on the language needed when you place an order.
This week's programme focuses on the language needed when you want to turn someone down politely.
This week's programme focuses on the language needed for a polite telephone conversation with a business client.
This week's programme focuses on the language needed for a telephone conversation.
This week's programme focuses on the language needed to make a pitch and sell an idea.
This week's programme focuses on the beginning of a presentation and how to clearly explain what your audience can expect to hear.