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A weekly romp of original, biting, ridiculous, outrageous and ultimately hilarious sketch comedy from a crack team in Edmonton.

Naturalist David Attenborough marvels at all living creatures except leopards, “those obnoxious jerks.” Batman has to retrace night of galas, fistfights and skulking in shadows to figure out where he left his keys.


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Older Episodes

Man with E-Cigarette bewitches café-goers with aura of mystery and coolness. Wife claims husband’s hideous furniture and clothing stolen by very selective burglars. The Spiderman Homecoming review our critic wrote before the movie was even filmed.
New Dolby 8.2 promises best movie sound ever to be drowned out by disgusting popcorn chomping. Doctor the Guess Who Chapter 3: The Yonge Street elongification. Pop band follows smash hit song Party All Night Long with totally different Party All Nite Long
Actual Mayor of Kelowna Colin Basran presents fun facts about city’s best and worst features. H.R. guy asks Darth Vader to please consider killing fewer underlings. And pet lizards and reptiles receive spa pampering at Spaguana.
This robbery would go a lot more smoothly if we could just give you cash instead of doing Apple Pay. Comedy duo’s appearance on CBC Radio earns them coffee mugs and parents’ respect.Meet the time-travelling Doctor and the woman who’s going to save Canada.
Edmonton Oilers’ turnaround attributed to hiring nap coach for young “sleepy bears” Helium Corp president gravely denies helium leak in cartoonish squeaky voice. In Barry White style song, middle-aged man promises wife night of uninterrupted sleep.
In 490 B.C., Pheidippides runs Marathon-to-Athens with news of victory, crowd asks which charity he ran for. Mortgage application process now involves groveling, singing and Greco-Roman wrestling.
Time-saver Mom Facebook automatically likes all your kids’ posts. World chess champion describes deciding match. And a song invites Canadians to celebrate, and try to spell, sesquicentennial.
Young Vancouver couple thrilled to find 4 square foot condo to call their own. Tax song turns panic, frustration of last-minute tax filing into an aria. New podcast Canadian Serial promises excruciating year-long investigation into theft of pack of gum.
WWE wrestler ‘The Baby’ destroys opponent by sucking his nose and leaving Lego lying around the ring. Bookstore sells charming assortment of candles, pillows, globes, no books whatsoever and mason jars. The Irrelevant Show presents 2017's Worst Podcasts
EXCLUSIVE LEAKED AUDIO: Celebrity auditions to replace Peter Mansbridge. NHL coverage on national sports network just 6 minutes of panelists yelling “Leafs” And a documentary reveals secret shame of adult women who love TV teenage dramas.
Litter box that says ‘I love you’ allows cat owners to experience affection. Critic confidently reviews next James Bond movie, despite fact that it doesn’t exist yet. Hear singer’s triumphant performance despite pianist’s random changes of key and tempo.
Stompin’ Tom rhymes “Louvre” with “hors d’ouvres” in little-known album about Europe. Inventor of 9-dollar airport croissant praised for perfect fusion of stale/soggy. Today Canadians are celebrating one of the greatest things ever to happen to our count
Thank you sir, for interrupting my story to explain something the rest of us already understand. With Banff booked solid, Parks Canada launches campaign to divert traffic. Woman who admits she’s “not a huge fan” of Tim Horton’s coffee disowned by family
Bungee wedding that seemed like awesome idea quickly descends into confusion, shouting. Rollicking showtune celebrates the natural beauty and many yard sales of Chemainus. Ex-boyfriend points to purchase of bedframe as proof he’s gotten his act together.
Operatic song immortalizes those damn people who Reply All. Parents ruin young son’s childhood by introducing him to Star Wars prequels. And Universally despised neighbour puts up Christmas lights in March
Self-appointed martyr honoured for saving TV finale until partner can watch too. Woman who’s never seen a scone before unable to believe she’s supposed to eat that thing. Millennial time-travelers journey back to 1970s, promptly refuse to leave.
When puck is at other end of ice, goalie takes stock of his life, wonders if opposing goalie is lonely too. Boomer rock band now in 45th year of touring . Canadian film-makers reinvent fireplace video with steamy sex scenes and dangerously large fire.
Canadian government tries to attract applicants for Senate with Village People style song, Real estate agent specializes in showing millennials houses they can’t afford and a solitary hero refuses to join obligatory standing ovation at Canadian play.
‘Mom Sounds’ collection fills your heart with Mom’s love and your head with her disapproving voice. “Sexy Halloween costumes for him” give men full experience of Halloween fun and objectification.