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First Take is always a heated discussion as Stephen A. Smith, Max Kellerman and guests debate about the day's top stories.

Hour 2: Bench Pressed Feb. 6, 2018

Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman debate if Bill Belichick was right to bench Malcolm Butler, wonder if the Wizards are better without John Wall and more!


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Stephen A. and Max debate if Bill Belichick was right to bench Malcolm Butler, react to Jalen Rose saying the Cavs quit on LeBron and go over Todd McShay's latest Mock Draft.
Max and Stephen A. react to the Eagles defeating the Patriots in Super Bowl LII, question if the Eagles should trade Nick Foles and if Rob Gronkowski should retire.
Hour 2: Foles' Future Feb. 5, 2018
Stephen A. & Max debate some main storylines from the Super Bowl, including the future of Nick Foles and how much longer the Patriots' dynasty will continue.
Pushing And Shoving Feb. 2, 2018
Stephen A. and Max preview the Super Bowl, react to Russell Westbrook pushing a fan and Blake Griffin's Pistons debut. Todd Gurley and Kevin Hart join the show!
Stephen A and Max preview the Super Bowl and other NFL topics with Snoop Dogg, Travis Kelce and Marcus Mariota. Then get their Super Bowl predictions.
Stephen A. & Max debate how it makes LeBron look that reports are circulating he may join the Warriors and are joined by Cowboys Hall of Fame RB Emmitt Smith.
Stephen A. & Max debate the implications of LeBron potentially joining the Warriors and are joined at the desk by Saints CB Marshon Lattimore and Cardinals CB Patrick Peterson.
Stephen A. & Max debate the Cavs chances in the East after Kevin Love breaks his hand, what it all means for the future of LeBron James and are joined by Broncos LB Von Miller.
Stephen A. & Max debate what the Redskins are doing by trading for Alex Smith, what is next for Kirk Cousins and are joined at the desk by Chiefs RB Kareem Hunt.
Stephen A. & Max react to the Indians deciding to no longer use Chief Wahoo as their mascot, react to John Wall's surgery and debate if Brady handled the radio situation well.
Stephen A. and Max react to the Clippers trading Blake Griffin, react to Jay-Z's comments on Colin Kaepernick and Vikings WR Stefon Diggs joins the show.
Stephen A. Smith & Max Kellerman debate if being traded to the Cavaliers was the worst thing for Isaiah Thomas, what the Eagles need to do to beat the Patriots in the Super Bowl and much more.
Stephen A. & Max debate if Tom Brady has more to lose or gain going into his 6th Super Bowl appearance and react to the Michigan State scandal.
Kyrie's Threat Jan. 26, 2018
Guest hosts Will Cain and Dominique Foxworth debate if Kyrie Irving looks bad threatening knee surgery or trade to the Cavs, react to the new XFL announcement and more.
Getting Frustrated Jan. 25, 2018
Stephen A. & Max debate the mounting frustration in Cleveland, If the Eagles offense is good enough to overcome the Patriots, gambling in the NBA and more.
LeBron Hits 30K Jan. 24, 2018
Stephen A & Max react to LeBron James passing 30,000 career points, debate what the Cavs should do after losing to the Spurs and if the Pats should be favored without Gronk.
Drama In The Land Jan. 23, 2018
Max and Stephen A. react to the latest Cavaliers drama, react to Kawhi Leonard's rift with the Spurs and more. Also, Joe Thomas joins the show.
Jags Got Robbed? Jan. 22, 2018
Stephen A. & Max debate whether or not the Jags got robbed, what happened to the vaunted Vikings Defense against the Eagles, is LeBron to blame for the Cavs' start and more.
NFL Championship Weekend Jan. 19, 2018
Stephen A. & Max debate how much Tom Brady's injured hand will factor in the Jags-Patriots game, if the Eagles have enough firepower to beat the Vikings and much more!