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First Take is always a heated discussion as Stephen A. Smith, Max Kellerman and guests debate about the day's top stories.

Perspective Jan. 17, 2020

Stephen A., Max and Louis Riddick debate how we should look at Odell now, what a loss would mean for Mahomes and Stephen A. responds to Antonio Brown.


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How Bad? Jan. 17, 2020
Stephen A., Max, Emanuel Acho and Chael Connen debate who will win the NFL Conference Championships, how bad the Astros' scandal is, and if Conor McGregor is still great.
For Real? Jan. 16, 2020
Stephen A., Max, Damien Woody and Dominque Foxworth debate if the Rockets are contenders, what a loss means for Aaron Rodgers and how we should look at OBJ.
Talking Trouble Jan. 16, 2020
Stephen A., Max, Damien Woody, Jessica Mendoza and Michael Bisping debate if Kyrie is the Nets' problem, what the Mets should do with Beltran and if Conor McGregor is back.
Building Blocks Jan. 15, 2020
Max and Stephen A. are joined by Marcus Spears to debate if they have a problem with the Cowboys' structure. Cowboy Cerrone also joins the show.
Next Steps Jan. 15, 2020
Stephen A. and Max react to the Alex Cora out in Boston, if Stefanski should be all in on Baker and Luke Kuechly retiring from the NFL.
Hour 2: Astros' Fallout Jan. 14, 2020
Max and Stephen A. debate if Floyd Mayweather and Connor McGregor would be a waste of time, Antonio Brown's recent incident with the police and more on the Astros drama.
Hour 1: Proving Ground Jan. 14, 2020
Stephen A and Max face the gloating from Ryan Clark and Marcus Spears as they discuss what LSU proved last night and if Trevor Lawrence was to blame for the loss.
The Final Showdown Jan. 13, 2020
The fun continues from New Orleans ahead of the CFP National Championship game with Paul Finebaum, Dexter Lawrence, Ryan Clark and Marcus Spears all joining the show to preview the matchup and more.
Don't Call It A Comeback Jan. 13, 2020
The crew is live from New Orleans for the CFP National Championship game. Tim Tebow joins to react to the Chiefs' comeback win over the Texans and preview the National Championship. Plus, Leonard Fournette joins the show.
Stay Or Go Jan. 10, 2020
Stephen A., Max, Marcus Spears and Tim Tebow debate if Rodgers or Wilson will win on Sunday, if Tom Brady would go to Dallas and if Clemson or LSU will win the CFP Title.
True Leaders Jan. 10, 2020
Stephen A., Max, Marcus Spears and Jay Williams debate who is more important to their team Mahomes or Watson Plus, if KD looks bad for Twitter beef and Captain Kirk vs Jimmy G.
Problem Solver Jan. 9, 2020
Max, Stephen A. and Domonique Foxworth debate if KD should clap back at fans, if Rodgers can win another chip and if the Rooney Rule can be fixed.
Run The Town Jan. 9, 2020
Max, Damien Woody, Stephen A. and Jason Williams debate if McCarthy can win it all in Dallas, if Lamar can run past the Titans and if Josh McDaniels should stay or go.
Solving Problems Jan. 8, 2020
First Take goes into a deep discussion on how the NFL can fix the lack of minority coaching hires and Paul Finebaum joins the show to discuss Clemson vs. LSU.
Making A Statement Jan. 8, 2020
Stephen A. and Max talk Anthony Davis' injury, if McCarthy makes the Cowboys favorites and who has the most to lose on divisional weekend.
New Judge In Town Jan. 7, 2020
Stephen A. Smith, Max Kellerman and Dan Orlovsky debate what Sunday's loss says about Carson Wentz and the crew reacts to the Giants hiring Joe Judge as head coach.
Stephen A. & Max Kellerman talk about the Cowboys hiring Mike McCarthy, react to Matt Rhule going to the Panthers and more. Plus, Max & Dan Orlovsky go head-to-head about Carson Wentz.
Stephen A. & Max give more reaction to the Cowboys hiring of Mike McCarthy, question if Clowney's hit on Carson Wentz was dirty, and more debate from Wild Card weekend.
Stephen A. & Max debate if Tom Brady should retire. Plus, the crew reacts to the Cowboys hiring Mike McCarthy as head coach.