First Take

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First Take is always a heated discussion as Stephen A. Smith and guests debate about the day's top stories.

Hour 1: Shut it Down? March 10, 2022
First Take Hour 1: Should LeBron shut his season down?
Hour 2: Big Poppa March 9, 2022
First Take Hour 2: Rooting for Coach K to go out with a title?
First Take Hour 1: Does Russell Wilson make the Broncos a Super Bowl Threat?
Breaking News & a MEGA Anniversary!
Hour 2: Rodgers Returns March 8, 2022
Hour 2: Aaron Rodgers signs a 4 year extension to stay with the Green Bay Packers
Hour 1: Russell Responds March 8, 2022
Hour 1: Russell Westbrook speaks out about harassment of his family.
Hour 2: LeBron Point March 7, 2022
First Take Hour 2: Is LeBron not recognized enough for his scoring ability?
Hour 1: Waiting on Aaron March 7, 2022
First Take Hour 1: What will Aaron Rodgers do?
Hour 2: Should the Lakers blow up their big three?
Hour 1: Is the Lakers season over?
Hour 2: Durant Returns March 3, 2022
First Take Hour 2: Kevin Durant expected to return tonight v Heat
Hour 1: Harden Party March 3, 2022
First Take Hour 1: How excited should people be about Harden’s start in Philly?
Hour 2: More to Prove? March 2, 2022
First Take Hour 2: Does Stephen Curry have more to prove this season?
Hour 1: No Deal March 2, 2022
First Take Hour 1: MLB players reject MLB’s proposal
A Hit It & Quit It Type Of Episode... Respectfully
Hour 2: Ja-Rules March 1, 2022
Hour 2: Could Ja Morant win the MVP?
Hour 1: MVP Morant? March 1, 2022
Hour 1: Where does Ja Morant fit into the MVP Race?
Hour 2: LeBron Return? Feb. 28, 2022
First Take Hour 2: Should the Cavaliers want LeBron to return to team?
Hour 1: Loss-Angeles Feb. 28, 2022
Stephen A. Smith, Monica McNutt, and Kendrick Perkins debate if LeBron James should want out of Los Angeles. The crew reacts to Embiid calling the 76ers unstoppable following their win over the Knicks. Jeff Passan stops by to tell us how important it is for the MLB and MLBPA to …
First Take Hour 1: Harden expected to make 76ers debut tonight