Everything Comes Back to 2000AD

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A podcast devoted to the UK comic 2000AD, Judge Dredd and all associated stuff!

2000 ECBT2000AD Ep523: Prog 2191 Aug. 3, 2020

We only recorded an hour ago and I've forgotten everything we talked about. It's something, something, Pandemic, something.


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2000 ECBT2000AD Ep522: Prog 2190 Aug. 1, 2020
Farewell to Famous Mexican Actor - John Saxon! Paddy H*tler! Mr. Ross reviews 'Badass' and pimps the 'IndieWars' Kickstarter.
2000 ECBT2000AD Ep521: SPACEWARP! July 30, 2020
PAT MILLS UNLEASHED! Flint and Mr. Ross give a spoiler-free review of Uncle Pats much anticipated new comic venture 'Spacewarp' and, boy oh boy, are they not disappointed. Spacewarp is Muhammad Ali to 2000ads Sonny Liston!
2000 ECBT2000AD Ep520: Prog 2189 July 20, 2020
COVID CONTINUES! Pool-time, Carole Baskin, 'The Old Guard', Animation, 'Superman: Red Son', Rambling Man, 'The Gunman'...and John reads the letters page!
2000 ECBT2000AD Ep519: Prog 2188 July 13, 2020
*THAT* ECBT ARTICLE! The Sky at Night. The Machines are taking over. 'Hanna'. 'Greyhound'. John and his paddle pool. Remember listeners, you are listening to the Original and the Best 2000ad centric Progcast!
Happy UK Pub Independence Day! Mr. 'Rugged Man' Ross - Kung-Fu Master. Johns missus reviews 'Devil in a Blue Dress.' The Judge Dredd LIVE Experience. Rebellion Kickstarter. 'Warrior Nun'. Plus the Prog and Sci-Fi Special Review.
2000 ECBT2000AD Ep517: Prog 2186 July 1, 2020
Space B*st*rds Ahoy! The gang are joined by, Eric Peterson. Eric talks about his 'Space B*st*rds' comic book history. AP Indie Wars, Chesty Sanchez, Warrior Nun. All the Actors Whatstheirnames. Space Force and Inside Monaco.
2000 ECBT2000AD Ep516: Prog 2185 June 24, 2020
Go Out but Stay inside! A comics writing legend passes away. Mr. Ross has a 'bum' knee and Mr. B has a 'bum' leg. They'd be terrible in a three legged race! DC Animated Movies. 'The'77'. John has some 'war wound' stories that aren't related to his...
2000 ECBT2000AD Ep515: Prog 2184 June 15, 2020
The Greatest Beard of All Time - Samantha Fox! Old school movie going. Coronavirus II - The Virus Strikes back! Protest! War Graves. One Way Supermarket System. Conspiracy. 'Gun Woman' and Johns gammy leg!
For Mash get Smash! Well, not really. Smashie and Nicey (do a lot of good work for Charity) review this 68 page US size special. All you're old favorites, that you were too young to have read and haven't a clue who they are, are all here. No Myteking...
2000 ECBT2000AD Ep513: Prog 2183 June 8, 2020
Another Regened issue! Zoom! SpaceX. 'The Invisible Man', 'Harry's Heroes'. John has never seen 'The Godfather'. 'Gangs of London', 'Bronson'. Mr. Ross and the Gun Show. To tan or Not to tan...Mind Police!
2000 ECBT2000AD Ep512: Prog 2182 June 1, 2020
Protests, Rioting and looting...Oh my! John is the Ultimate BAME! Haircuts. 'The Sweeney'. John falls down a hole...but not a Mr. Ross Rabbit Hole! 'Your Were Never Really Here!'. Crazy Joe.
2000 ECBT2000AD Ep511: Prog 2181 May 25, 2020
The Podcast that helps Flatten the Curve! Memorial Day for the Yanks! Facebook depression. RIP Charles Lippincott. John discovers some local history he didn't know about. Mr. Ross knows waaaay too much about musicals...as he dissects 'Valley Girl'....
2000 ECBT2000AD Ep510: Prog 2180 May 11, 2020
2 plus hours to keep you 'entertained' in these hard and trying times. The ECBT 'Origins' Story. Now you can track your countries Murder, Death, Kill Stats! Mr. Ross, always the great book salesman sells John and Flint on...Video Nasties. We review...
2000 ECBT2000AD Ep509: Prog 2179 May 4, 2020
More Tales of Covid-19. John gives listeners a shout out. The FCBD Zoom meeting. Mr. Ross loves Star Wars: Clone Wars and YOU should too! David Icke stands for Freedom! Uncle Pat's 'SpaceWarp' is getting near. Flint is going to try his hand at a...
2000 ECBT2000AD Ep508: Prog 2178 May 1, 2020
Inject Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself! The boys are back just in time for the Weekend...it's not as if you are all going anywhere anyways! Mr. Ross has his storytime and it's awesome! Also Monsanto and The Cartel. John gives some listeners a shout...
2000 ECBT2000AD Ep507: Prog 2177 April 20, 2020
The Cabin Fever Episode! Mr. Ross has watched 'Magadheera' and gives more wrasslin' info. John's delivery adventures. Flint is watching 'The English Game'. The top pick of the Prog might surprise people.
2000 ECBT2000AD Ep506: Prog 2176 April 13, 2020
Are you Social Distancing properly? Johns neighbor leaves him a very polite note. Mr. Ross has a busy Weekend. Special Guest Dave enjoyed his birthday. Jonny Midge gets a mention. The 'Cor! Buster Special' is a huge hit for the gang. Enjoy this 3hr...
2000 ECBT2000AD Ep505: Prog 2175 April 6, 2020
The Literary Vandalism Episode. John goes down the rabbit hole. 'Chris, close the door!'. John has bought the latest 'Judges' and 'Deadworld' books. The collapse of Diamond Distributors and the end of the comic book industry in it's current form....
2000 ECBT2000AD Ep504: Prog 2174 April 4, 2020
Life in the Time of Covid-19! Nice extra weekend Progcast. Don't say we don't spoil you! 'Essential Worker' John and Mr. Ross talk about YouTube celebrity concerts. Mr. Ross Dad is alive and well. What do YOU think of D'Isaeli's art?