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Will the money be available to fund radical plans for England's National Parks.
Charlotte Smith and guests discuss whether GM crops have a future in the UK.
HS2 is being reviewed, so what next for farmers and landowners along the route?
Plans to end freedom of movement on 31 October causes chaos, says farming union.
A new report criticises Westminster for ignoring the concerns of rural communities.
Could understanding the body clocks of plants cut the use of chemicals on the farm?
Sybil Ruscoe visits a farm in Herefordshire where they harvest for nine months a year.
Are farmers being unfairly targeted in the climate change debate?
A UK expert responds to claims that the US has comparable food standards to this country
What will a future US trade deal mean for UK farmers after Brexit?
Preparing for winter Oct. 27, 2018
Charlotte Smith finds out about the preparations farmers are making for the winter.
Will the new Fisheries Bill allow the UK to become Global fishing powerhouse?
Welsh farmers respond to the devolved Government's post-Brexit plans for farming.
A report from a House of Lords committee warns that Brexit could compromise biosecurity.
Vets say farming minister's claim that badger cull is 'delivering results' is wrong.
Trade wars between America and China are having a knock-on effect on farming in the UK.
Gamekeeping and shooting Oct. 20, 2018
A gamekeeper in the Cotswolds defends his right to raise and shoot birds.
A case of BSE has been confirmed in Scotland. Restrictions have been put in place
A gamekeeper fears his industry is failing to communicate properly with the public.
A discussion between landowners and environmentalists on the best way to manage moorland.