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The latest news about food, farming and the countryside

What will the latest climate change report mean for global agriculture?
Could Brexit bring with it an opportunity for a new, integrated food labeling model?
Steffan Messenger finds out about farm produce which isn't grown for consumers to buy.
More than 12,000 acres of green belt land has been released for development in 2017/18.
Charlotte Smith hears about what can be done to offset market volatility in agriculture.
Michael Gove commits to supporting more diversity in agricultural and rural communities.
National Resources Wales has banned the shooting of pheasants on public land.
A beef farmer explains how she works hard to reduce the environmental impact of her cattle
Chemical pesticides are failing to protect oil seed rape from the hungry Flea Beetle.
Should cattle be fed on grain or grass? Which method has the least environmental impact?
Anna Hill asks Chris Packham what his new wildlife manifesto means for farming.
Livestock production and consumption will have to be cut back, says a pan- European study.
Defra responds to a letter from scientists concerned at gene-editing being treated as GMO.
Charlotte Smith analyses the biggest shift in farm policy for 50 years.
Figures are released on the new cases of Bovine TB in the badger cull areas.
The impact of the government's Agriculture Bill on farmers, wildlife and consumers.
There is a sneak preview of the new Agriculture Bill with farm minister George Eustice.
The Red Tractor logo is planning to add on higher standards which farmers can opt to meet.
Two farmers discuss what impact the closure of biofuel producer Vivergo will have on them.
Charlotte Smith visits the family-run Fuller's Brewery in west London.