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Fear the Boot is an irreverent, round table discussion of tabletop role playing games. In this weekly show we debate game-related issues, offer advice for improving your game, and poke fun at the hobby. Our cast changes a little from show to show, but we always assemble a group of dynamic individuals with divergent views, guaranteeing you will hear several perspectives on everything we discuss.

  • (0:29) Are there TWO soulless gingers on the show!? * (4:03) Minnesotans and their grey ducks. * (6:03) Lura explains her tarot deck and witchery. * (14:37) A reading for Gnarl. The Shadowscapes deck. * (26:22) A reading to give Wayne game advice. When are the pancakes coming in the mail? * (39:30) A […]

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Older Episodes

* (0:29) Bad Brodeur gets bashful. Lura and finding God’s love in F7. * (8:13) Dan prepares to run a West Marches game. You can find our prior episodes on West Marches here and here. * (11:02) The fresh perspective children and new gamers bring to the ...
* (0:37) Wayne has to rather abruptly put his Dresden Files game on hold. * (10:46) The added difficulty of an ending you couldn’t plan for. * (11:47) Remembering where you left off. Taking a record of what both the GM and players remember and care abo...
* (0:29) Unplugged cables and the ever-moving studio. * (4:20) The cost of a press pass. * (6:10) The hardest thing to do in a horror game. * (10:35) The lack of numinous fear. When Pat was prepared to kill us all.
* (0:18) Gen Con was cancelled after this episode was recorded but before it was released. * (1:14) Fear the Con Online, coming up on June 19th – 20th. The promo video can be found here and the signup site can be found here.
545 Episode 545 – henchmen May 15, 2020
* (0:29) Fear the Con Online, coming up on June 19th – 20th. The promo video can be found here and the signup site can be found here. * (7:41) Fear the Con 2021 has been locked in for June 25th – 26th, 2021. * (9:39) A question about henchmen,
* (1:05) A message from Matt about some issues with a GM. * (2:21) Player creativity can spook the GM into responding in frustrating ways. * (13:35) Reasons why GMs find themselves in this situation. * (21:47) The role of player empathy in fixing the p...
* (0:36) Adapting the show to current realities. * (1:52) The history of West Marches and the context of the advice we gave. Ben’s blog on his game. Another contribution of his to the hobby: Microscope. * (11:17) More information on the Skies of Glass ...
543 Episode 543 – West Marches April 3, 2020
* (0:46) Repeating the announcement regarding Fear the Con 2020. * (2:14) New content and general improvements for our Patreon. * (7:10) Explaining what a West Marches style game is. The West Marches game through GamersTable can be found on their Disco...
542 Episode 542 – off the script March 23, 2020
* (0:41) Some unfortunate news about Fear the Con 2020. A blog post with some more information is coming soon. * (4:14) Brodeur’s new endeavor can be found here (as of this episode, the site is still very heavily under construction).
* (0:24) Betrayal to the keys to power. * (4:40) Why Wayne abuses utility powers. * (6:19) Chad passes judgment. It might be easier to say, “no,” upfront than to have the fight later. * (13:02) Fear of the unknown. Wayne’s confessional mini-show,
* (0:24) Putting Dale in the hotseat as a Game Master. * (10:01) Pitching the same idea to Chad and Wayne as theoretical players. * (17:13) Judging the regularity of and motivation for playing unusual characters.
* (0:24) Why Chad doesn’t have a strong opinion on splat. Getting to the player’s real reason for the request. Allowing unusual requests as a form of collaborative world-building. * (4:20) Why Chad’s games more easily accommodate weird ideas.
* (0:28) Our history with podcasts and…iPods…? * (4:44) Fear the Con player and GM signup is ready to go. Fear the Boot new Patreon levels. Getting some old hosts back and relocating the recording studio. * (12:42) A disagreement over splat books creat...
Interview 42 – Decuma Feb. 24, 2020
* (0:25) Introducing Kimi from Happy Jacks, The Mary Sues, and Golden Lasso Girl (Twitter, Instagram). * (7:07) The Decuma Kickstarter, which can be found here. * (11:03) What Decuma is meant to do, and how it plays.
* (0:29) Laura in Chad’s shoes. Dogs in the hood. * (8:18) Fear the Con’s planning site is available and ready for your games! * (12:10) Wayne is in the process of improving our Patreon. * (17:01) Why there are certain games we won’t run or won’t play....
* (0:22) A very important number. * (8:45) Lura, Chad, Stacy, Cathy, and Karen. * (15:38) Why Lura isn’t allowed on Fear the Boot anymore. * (22:25) Why Julia is still allowed on Fear the Boot. * (31:58) Fear the Con’s shifting demographics.
* (0:28) The joys of having a host rotation again. * (3:10) Errata in tabletop games, and why we’re grateful when companies release them. * (9:34) How publishers can do errata wrong. * (17:39) Chad’s Dresden character makes him realize things he ought ...
* (0:28) Dan goes bye-bye! * (0:49) Fear the Boot is now on Pandora. * (2:18) Wayne and Old Man Hussey play Savage Worlds with Gage. You can find the audio of that game here. * (6:00) Wayne reports on his game pitches.
* (0:25) Holiday postmortem of our games. Wayne wastes money on nasty food. * (2:49) The case for and against soup, and the dark gluttony of Palladium books. * (9:21) Chad’s preferred cookbook for soups and stews.