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I'm Fausto Fernós, internet maniac. I have an unusual name, it' means "lucky." Together with my partner Marc Felion (who has an amazing sexy voice) we do a daily talk show called Feast of Fun we started way back in 2005. We do this because we love talking about funny news, politics and strange stuff we find on the internet with our friends and people who are super duper famous. We love talking to YouTube stars and bloggers. Most of us are gay. Here you get one free show a week. If you want to listen to us every day, check out our premium podcast: feastoffun.com/plus. Hope you like the show! Five time winner of the Peoples Choice Podcast Award for ~Best GLBT Podcast~ 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2011. Code 276714

The Austin International Drag Festival is a magical place where gender non- conforming artists and their friends gather to celebrate drag, but this year an undercover hack in a shake ‘n go wig filmed a drag show that catered to kids for a segment for[...]
In the cliffhanger episode “Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum," Michael Burnham and her new boyfriend Ash have to fight Saru in order to unlock the secrets of a giant crystal antenna on a planet that lives in total harmony. What the Trek? Welcome to the [...]
More than a month after Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico, it seems like the US government is leaving Puerto Rico to struggle on its own. Amazingly, artists are coming together to help- Lin-Manuel Miranda's new song benefits relief efforts on the[...]
Time gets loopy in the latest episode of Star Trek Discovery- 'Magic To Make The Sanest Man Go Mad' as space swindler Harcourt Fenton Mudd tries to steal the Discovery's secrets. What the Trek? Welcome to the podcast where we fabulously explor[...]
In survey after survey people have named “Who Let the Dogs Out” one of the most annoying songs of all time. The Baha Men’s song only reached number 40 on the Billboard charts but the song’s licensing to movies, karaoke dolls, and to sports stadiums [...]
Struggling artists sometimes ask themselves: what would my career be like if I was in killer shape? Our guest today is comedian Cody Melcher who hosts the brilliant podcast Thome Foolery, a great show about bad books. Cody just taped a podcast l[...]
Trinity “The Tuck” Taylor stood out from all the other gals on Season 9 of RuPaul’s Drag Race because of her enthusiasm for the show’s insane premise and her wicked sense of humor. Today Trinity kiki’s with us from her champagne, red m&m; a[...]
In the latest episode of Star Trek: Discovery, “Lathe," we get a glimpse of just how racist and deceptive Vulcans can be. Ambassador Sarek is almost killed by an undercover “logic extremist” who wants to Make Vulcan Great Again?! What the Trek? W[...]
Although the Babadook is the latest creature to be crowned a gay monsters for refusing to be kept in the shadows, no other monster has inspired LGBT folks more than Frankenstein. Today Peaches Christ joins us from her secret laboratory to talk a[...]
Zombies are usually portrayed as mindless creatures who crave human flesh to survive, but in the new musical, Zombie Bathhouse, the undead still crave human flesh, they just don’t necessarily want to swallow. Today, the creators of Zombie Bathhou[...]
If only the Klingons knew that all you had to do to travel through space on the Discovery is to hook up some nipple clamps to a space pig and shoot it full of fungi they wouldn't have even bothered kidnapping Captain Lorca. What the Trek? Welcome[...]
Since the late 80s Steven Perfidia Kirkham has styled wigs for some of your favorite entertainers: Bob the Drag Queen, Jerri Blank and Miss Yvonne from Pee Wee's Playhouse all have enjoyed the fluffy fruits of Perfidia's labor. Today, Perfidia [...]
One of the biggest mysteries surrounding the concept of drag is why they hell do we call them drag queens in the first place? RuPaul said drag was an acronym from Elizabethan theater for DRessed as A Girl, but how would she know? She’s old, but not [...]
Although we like to think of our LGBT spots as permanent places that will always be there, the reality is that they come and go. Today writer and historian Owen Keehnan joins us to talk about the Belmont Rocks, a very public space where LGBT fo[...]
Art matters because it helps us to connect with culture to better understand who we are. As LGBT folks, we often draw inspiration to come out of the closet and tell others our stories of who we are because of the artists we admire. Today comedian[...]
Ever since folks started posting content on the Internet, there have been people pretending to be someone they are not- con artists, catfishers and even digital blackface has made the Internet a terrible place. Don’t worry, no one is coming for y[...]
These are truly magical times. Our witchy gal pal Alexis Hex has been conjuring up a combination of two of her favorite things: Pokémon and dongs. Today the spooky Alexis Hex joins us to talk about her kooky coloring book, why cursing Donald Tru[...]
California Representative Maxine Waters became an Internet sensation when she proclaimed “I am reclaiming my time” to Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin. And now, drag queen Cherry Chan has hit in her lip sync video to Adam Joseph’s club remix of “Rec[...]
One of the most memorable people we've had the pleasure of interviewing on the show is bodybuilder Chris Tina Bruce, who, after transitioning, went from competing in men's bodybuilding to women’s bodybuilding. Today, Chris Tina Bruce joins us in[...]
Today is National Girlfriend Day y'all, so grab your gal pal of any gender identity and have some fun. To kick it off right, comedian Vickie Eisenstein joins us to pay tribute to the women who have befriended us and made a big difference. Listen [...]