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Fifth Circuit Blog

by Paul M. Rashkind (noreply@blogger.com) · · ·

Tags: apprendi/booker, rules changes, mandate rule, 2k2.1, as-applied sentencing findings challenges, rico, rule 11, cimt, fifth circuit rules, aggravated assault, 2l1.2, 1b1.10, 2b1.1, escape, deliberate ignorance, role, interrogation, extraterritoriality, 3147, 3b1.3, acceptance of responsibility, consecutive sentences, counterfeiting, mvra, felon-in-possession, harmless error, suspended sentences, enhancements, statutory rape, mcnabb-mallory, departures, alien smuggling, standards of review, obstruction, fre, humor, arson, confrontation clause, rule of lenity, right to counsel, loss amount, collateral attacks, sol, speedy trial act, crack retroactivity, character evidence, acquired/derivative citizenship, rules of evidence, reasonableness review, hearsay, special assessment, involuntary medication, violent felony, necessary and proper, sorna, immunity, sexual abuse of a minor, wire fraud, sufficiency of evidence, reckless endangerment, jury instructions, mistretta, failure to appear, restitution, circuit splits, innocence protection act, discovery, bribery, fisa, sixth amendment, civil commitment, safety valve, sentencing variance, victims' rights, eighth amendment, 4a1.3, agent/expert testimony, circumstance-specific approach, confessions, 2g2.2, consent, conspiracy, tax offenses, guilty pleas, kimbrough, sex trafficking, special maritime and territorial jurisdiction, knock and announce, plea agreements, supervised release, 404(b), 2255, legal research, 2422, forensic evidence, trial tips, deriviative citizenship, relevant conduct, fema fraud, 922(g), firearms, entrapment, manslaughter, aggravated felony, money laundering, theft, waiver, 851, mail theft, career offender, supreme court, bop, document fraud, as-applied apprendi challenges, cumulative error, mens rea, plea negotations, drug smuggling, mistrial, en banc, 4b1.2, bank fraud, 2d1.1, uuv, batson, burglary, rule 35, child pornography, local rules, acca, alien harboring, fraud, appeal waivers, prosecutorial misconduct, law of the case, error preservation, cert grants, knock and talk, protective sweep, scientific evidence, privileges, forcible sex offense, kidnapping, 3582(c)(2), 924(c), guidelines, identity theft, 3c1.2, cross-references, sexually violent predators, ex post facto, rule 33/new trial, burdens of proof, brady, vindictiveness, dto, merger, cvra, speedy trial, multiplicity, mootness, giglio, taylor/shepard, interstate commerce, apprendi-land, cso, 1324, ethics, abuse of trust, presentment, plain error, miranda, booker, rehabilitation, competency, fast-track, statutory construction, counterfeit/misbranded drugs, 2l2.2, juries, intra-circuit splits, cov, prior convictions, circuit news, wiretap, fourth amendment, plea negotiations, jury selection, double jeopardy, apprendi, jenks, plea withdrawal, recidivist possession, 702, indictment, mitigating role, terroristic threat, 2l1.1, full faith and credit act, mandatory minimum, bank robbery, chapter 4, revocation, grounds of inadmissibility & deportability, chain of custody, forfeiture, exigent circumstances, collateral estoppel, 1326, 841, ineffective assistance, faretta