Film Riot

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Film Riot is a how-to trip through filmmaking from the mind of Ryan Connolly. From how to make great effects to following Triune Films through production, Film Riot explores the art of filmmaking in a way you've never seen.

diy-light-bar - Film Riot Sept. 12, 2014
Get cheaper SFX packs here: Get full pack here: CreativeLive: DIY Black Pro-mist: Today we make a new DIY light!
We announce the winner of the Spielberg challenge!
Get the pack here: Use the coupon code FilmRiot30 for $30 off! Today we show how to get the Green Lantern Punch effect from our Fight Sounds promo!
Today, we talk about making stressful shoots, fun, shooting live events, and Ryan's writing a feature!
Learn an incredibly simple compositing trick and watch our review of the Rhino Carbon Core Slider!
Today, we talk about the most difficult part of Film Riot and announce the Next Monday Challenge!
Today we revisit the topic of green screening with some new tips and tricks.
Today, we talk about writing comedy, storing your footage, and what to do if you take an Uppercut to the Butt!
Today, we review the Rhino Rig!
Today, we talk about what to do when you lose all your footage, and handling negative feedback to your work!
On the latest Film Riot, we show how you can use store bought lights for great cinematography and how to turn stockings into lens filters!
Today, we announce the winners of the Shootout Challenge!
Today, we compare a cheaper camera stabilizer, the Autopilot, with the Glidecam! And talk about some gear Ryan has been using lately!
Today, Ryan opens up the mail sack again and talks about being a film enthusiasts to be a great filmmaker & Keeping elaborate ideas short!
Today we finally get to our Ninja Blade review.... Plus, Josh makes things sexy.
Today, Monday Challenge returns & we talk movies Ryan is ashamed of liking, and advice for young filmmakers!
Today, the guys get 'Guy Ritchie Disease'! And Ryan shows how to do the Guy Ritchie freeze frame effect!
Today, we talk character development, when Monday Challenge is coming back, and keeping continuity!
Today, we find out what's in the attic! And we walk you through how to move stuff without touching it!
Ryan gives an update on the Fight SFX pack, and talks shooting in a loud party environment & slow-mo-music videos!