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Pod Trek April 21, 2009

The FSM podcast returns with its biggest, most spectacular episode to date: An overview of the history of Star Trek music, from Courage to Giacchino. Special guest stars include Star Trek experts Jeff Bond, Lukas D. Kendall, and more!


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Older Episodes

Doug and the Kaplans catch up on the summer's batch of scores. Digital manipulation of Doug courtesy of the Kaplans. Thanks, guys.
Indy is back, and so are we! Please join us in this plus-sized Podcast as we examine the music of Indiana Jones. (Special thanks to Saul Pincus.)
FSMROTKQ&A Nov. 15, 2007
FSM's inside look at The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King: The Complete Recordings Boxed Set and The Music of the Lord of the Rings Films book. These titles could not be any longer.
Podies Irae Oct. 30, 2007
FSM's Halloween Podcast Number Three takes a thorough look at the Dies Irae and its longstanding influence.
FSM Podcast Catchup Oct. 15, 2007
We apologize for this despicably late podcast where we catch up on approximately four months worth of material in 11 minutes.
We're back, and so is our annual look at the Lord of the Rings: The Complete Recordings. Call in your The Return of the King questions to 773.840.7470... We'll answer everything shortly before the boxed set is released on Nov. 6
Spider-pod June 13, 2007
No themes in Spider-man? FSM's crew finally puts the rumors to rest while taking a look at all three Spider-efforts, weighing the contributions of Elfman and Young. [MILD LANGUAGE WARNING]
March Madness in April April 2, 2007
FSM tackles the best of the third month of the year, including The Last Mimzy, Zodiac, The Reaping, Blades of Glory and more.
FSM wishes you and yours happy holidays in a Podcast jam-packed with contributors and their choices for seasonal film music.
Christmas has come early! Join us as we unveil some of the biggest and best December scores, including Eragon, The Good German, Night at the Museum, Blood Diamond and more!
 Nine Questions to Rule Them All ...and then a few more. The FSM Podcast gang answers a whole buncha Two Towers questions. Listen and learn!
This coming of Podcast is like the falling of small stones that starts an avalanche in the mountains. Full TTT Podcast coming next time. Email your questions to:
We've got a light little piece of candy corn for you this time, as we celebrate the spookiest time of year with a close look at some of filmdom's creepier compositions. (Disclaimer: Ok, the true spookiest time of year is actually Thanksgiving when we're all forced to eat a dead …
Get out your brickbats as the Kaplans tackle one of the trickiest topics in all of film music -- plagiarism!
Serenada SchizoPoda Oct. 3, 2006
The FSM crew takes a look at Elfman's first foray into the world of concert music... with special guest, Danny Elfman!
Good Night, Lady Aug. 8, 2006
A look back at the James Newton Howard / M. Night Shyamalan collaboration, along with a lesson on Minimalism, special guest Dave Coscina and Al's incisive impersonation of Elmer Bernstein.
SuperPod Returns! July 20, 2006
SUPERMAN RETURNS! Doug and Jon wield the Kryptonite while Al does so much devil's advocate flip-flopping, even we're not sure what he thinks... but we're pretty sure he didnât like it either.
xPod July 9, 2006
We're back from the opera hall and are digging into this summer's batch of high-profile film scores. Here we turn our sights towards X-Men: The Last Stand, and watch as John Powell discovers his mutant ability to write better and better music. Oh, and no, we really don't know if …
GoldenGrendel June 25, 2006
Here's the scene: Tim, Al, Jon and Doug have just returned from the world premiere of Elliot Goldenthal's Grendel... and are dining on a delicious Mrs. Field's cookie (adorned with the counter-jockey-confusing phrase "Happy Grendel!") and, of course, the requisite bottle of Silvestri wine.  Join them in their post-performance musings …