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Viriya expresses itself in action, with attentiveness, care and enthusiasm. Saddhanandi shares from her personal training and experience as an artist to elucidate the meaning of Virya, drawing out the aspect of training the mind to develop positive mental states. Talk given at Glasgow Buddhist Centre, GBC Rainy Season, March 2020. * Help keep FBA free for everyone! Become a supporter today. Subscribe to our Dharmabytes podcast - bite-size pieces of Dharma inspiration, two times a week! Follow our blog for news and new Dharma FBA on Twitter FBA on Facebook [FBA on …


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Compassionate Wisdom
How do we relate to the Buddha? Sangharakshita has emphasised the importance of connecting with him as a historical figure. Through personal example and stories asks the question, do we even see the Buddha as a kind old man? Maybe that would be a...
The Great Love July 11, 2020
How do we construct our world? Collective experiences impact on our personal views and experiences. Mahayana texts offer us the opportunity to interrupt our usual way of perceiving and thinking about the world. explores the extraordinary character,...
“The creative mind loves when there is no reason to love.” Sangharakshita gives the second talk in a series on Compassion for a Modern Word on a theme close to her heart. The Bodhisattva aim is to free all beings from suffering – what about...
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Concise and essential, draws out practical and profound aspects of the four Brahmaviharas, considering them as both meditation practices and as realms that we can occupy. This is the second talk in a series of four talks on the topic of karuna,...
Moving Towards Bodhicitta
A Gradual Deepening
gives an introduction to the twelve links on the wheel of life, specifying how the spiral path emerges from the gap between feeling and craving. Talk given at , 2016.
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Challenging Dharma For Challenging Times
Good Friends March 28, 2020
Kalyana Mitrata In Early Buddhism and Today
introduces the theme of spiritual friendship or kalyana mitrata. What is spiritual friendship? How is it distinguished from ordinary friendship? How can we make friends? What is the difference between vertical and horizontal friendship? Using...