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The Kitchen Sisters Present… Stories from the b-side of history. Lost recordings, hidden worlds, people possessed by a sound, a vision, a mission. The episodes tell deeply layered stories, lush with interviews, field recordings and music. From powerhouse producers The Kitchen Sisters (Hidden Kitchens, The Hidden World of Girls, The Sonic Memorial Project, Lost & Found Sound, Fugitive Waves and coming soon… The Keepers). "The Kitchen Sisters have done some of best radio stories ever broadcast" —Ira Glass. The Kitchen Sisters Present is produced in collaboration with Nathan Dalton and Brandi Howell and mixed by Jim McKee. A proud member of Radiotopia, from PRX. Learn more at

In honor of the many people who work in nail salons across the country who are struggling to keep their businesses from going under during these long closures, The Kitchen Sisters Present French Manicure —Tales from Vietnamese Nail Shops in America.
Louis Jones, Field Archivist at Ruether Library, Wayne State University—the largest labor archive in North America—takes us through the collection with stories of the UAW, Cesar Chavez, Utah Phillips, A. Philip Randolph and the Civil Rights Movement, the 1967 Detroit uprising, and how archivists are examining and re-imagining their roles …
Gert McMullin, The "Mother of the AIDS Memorial Quilt" memorializing those who died in the AIDS pandemic, is now sewing masks for nurses and health care workers made from fabric left over from the making of the AIDS Quilt. The Story of Gert, the Quilt, activist Cleve Jones, Harvey Milk, …
November 14, 1960, New Orleans. Three six-year-old girls, flanked by Federal Marshals, walked through screaming crowds and policemen on horseback as they approached their new school for the first time—McDonogh No. 19. Leona Tate thought it must be Mardi Gras. Gail thought they were going to kill her. The story …
Eel Pie Island, a tiny bit of land in the River Thames with a flamboyant history involving King Henry the VIII, Charles Dickens, The Rolling Stones, Pete Townshend, Rod Stewart, Anjelica Huston, Trad Jazz, Rock and Roll, and eel pie—a disappearing London delicacy.
An intimate, inspiring conversation with Mexican chef and cookbook author, Pati Jinich, host of the James Beard Award winning PBS series Pati's Mexican Table and resident chef at the Mexican Cultural Institute in Washington D.C.
Al Gore is back and he’s got a new slide show. Al Gore, Alice Waters, farmers, chefs, scientists, entrepreneurs, policy makers —a riveting series of conversations and discussions from Al Gore's 2019 Climate Summit about the role food and regenerative agriculture can play in solving the climate crisis.
139 139 - Waiting for Joe DiMaggio April 14, 2020
April 1993: A small village in Sicily makes lavish preparations for the first visit of baseball legend Joe DiMaggio to the town where his parents were born and raised. But he never comes.
Prince's epic Vault in Minneapolis, Henri Langlois' legendary Cinémathéque in Paris, The Dark Side of the Dewey Decimal System and more stories from The Keepers - Part Two - a special episode hosted by Frances McDormand.
The Hiphop Archive at Harvard, the Pack Horse Librarians of Eastern Kentucky, the Lenny Bruce Archive—these stories and more in this special episode of The Keepers with host Frances McDormand.
Lou Reed—music icon, poet, photographer, Tai Chi master, vital force in the cultural life and underworld of New York City. The story of his archive and how it came to the New York Public Library — from his days with The Velvet Underground, through his solo career and last recordings. …
In celebration of truckers everywhere and of Radiotopia’s new show Over the Road, The Kitchen Sisters visit some of their favorite Texas pitstops: Carl's Corner Truck Stop in Carl's Corner, Texas where Willie Nelson introduced BioWillie in 2004; Fuel City, downtown Dallas, with its long horn cattle, oil well, bikini …
When Sam Phillips sold Elvis’ contract in 1955 he used the money to start an all-girl radio station in Memphis, TN. Set against the backdrop of the civil rights movement, the women's movement, Vietnam and the death of Martin Luther King, the story of WHER follows the women who pioneered …
Theaster Gates, Keeper of Greater Grand Crossing his neighborhood on the South Side of Chicago, resurrects old dilapidated neighborhood buildings, transforming them into living archives, institutes of music, culture, film and gathering, preserving and renewing neighborhoods that have been ignored, overlooked and underserved.
132 132 - The Pancake Years Dec. 24, 2019
For five years Davia's father, Lenny Nelson, asked her to go to Rattlesden, England, to visit the Air Force base where he was stationed during WWII and to find an old photograph hanging in the town pub honoring his 8th Air Force squadron.
The Queen's Beekeeper, The Internet Archive's Free Range Archivist Jason Scott, Israeli Artist/archivist Hadassa Goldvicht, The Other F Word and more first stories from Kitchen Sisters Interns — a deep rich offering from emerging audio producers.
The Kitchen Sisters "Dreaming in Public" about starting Lipstick Traces, a sound and story themed line of lipstick to raise money for public media storytelling.
A conversation with master filmmaker Martin Scorcese about his extraordinary documentary film work. An onstage interview with Rachel Rosen, Director of Programming for the San Francisco Film Society.
November 14, 1960 — Four six-year-old girls, flanked by Federal Marshals, walked through screaming crowds and policemen on horseback as they approached their new schools for the first time. Leona Tate thought it must be Mardi Gras. Gail thought they were going to kill her. The story of integrating the …
Award-winning radio and television producer Robert Krulwich talks about storytelling techniques and his early career in media as part of Talking Story, a panel hosted by The Kitchen Sisters at the very first Third Coast International Audio Festival in Chicago in 2001.