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This technology show hosted by Todd Cochrane a Pioneer in the Podcasting space, focuses on technology, science and New Media. Tech News for the common man, join his 175,000+ family of satisfied listeners viewers. Every show is a learning experience covering all things tech so you do not have to. One of the first 100 podcasters his show is a must listen. Author of the first book on podcasting and the CEO behind RawVoice the New Media company representing 19000 new media creators!

I received the Apple Homepod and I have some thoughts on where this device stands. Detailed commentary about HomePod on the show. As all of you know I am flying out for my daughter’s wedding celebration on Thursday. Kirk the Executive Producer of the show will be standing in and being the guest host while … Continue reading Apple HomePod Thoughts #1258 → Apple HomePod Thoughts #1258


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SpaceX and Starman completely made my day and I 100% geeked out. I still cannot get over the images from space of the Tesla Roadster and the Starman who was wearing a real Spacesuit with a Mannequin inside. You have to hand it to Elon Musk.
Still on the hunt for two writers and I am also considering finding a permanent guest host that can fill in while I travel. Good suggestion by one of our Ohana members. Details on the show. I will be extending my Orlando stay a couple of days so that o...
I am not sure why I did not think about this before and maybe I am not alone but remote controlled cars and trucks may impact the trucking industry even bigger than what I assumed self driving vehicles would.
Well, big changes here in the studio and it may have been Intel’s fault. You should watch today’s video for the first 15 minutes or so as I take you on a tour of the studio, unlike anything you have ever seen here.
I talk quite a bit today about the failure of Beme and someone I admire Casey Neistat and my disappointment on what I heard today and the hard truths about running a business. Plus an absolutely shocking story that has me nearly speechless.
You may have a chance to get a free iPhone6s see the link below, I get everyone caught up on the madness that has been happening here. I am hopefully on the road to recovery here with being down for the count last week.
Back from CES I give you the insider run-down and whats to come. Very happy to be back in Hawaii and back in the studio even though I am still totally fragged from the show and vegas. Regular scheduled shows for the next month.
Apple is in hot water and they are doing damage control to stem the outrage. I want to thank the Ohana for making 2017 spectacular you all stepped up and have supported my shows sponsor GoDaddy and your continued sharing of my codes with your family an...
Late show release due to a Christmas Party its a long one so I hope you enjoy the show and have a Merry Christmas. My New Personal YouTube Channel Geek News Central Facebook Page. Download the Audio Show File Show Notes: Game of Thrones climate simulat...
For those of you that have not heard my UFO stories, I share them tonight and you will get the inside story on what I saw. Appears the DOD was doing a bit of their own investigation as well on the behalf of some senators.
Net Neutrality is Dead! So now we as consumers need to make sure we hold the Internet Service Providers feet to the fire. I share a lot of stories tonight in between the content and you will get to hear the insight on what the Spectrum team showed me w...
I have some significant concerns on the Bitcoin Chaos that is happening at this point and want to make sure that the Ohana understand a little more on what they are getting into so that you do not have regret later.
Big news on the show today. You all are the best audience in the universe. Sadly since the switch to the 1GB connection with Spectrum, my Internet service has been worse. They were not ready for this in prime time here in Oahu.
Coinbase has come under the extreme scrutiny of the IRS and 15,000 US cryptocurrency traders are about to get a rude awakening. Uncle Sam is going to get his fair share. I also talk about my 1GB Internet woes with Spectrum in Hawaii and how the service...
Facebook is stepping up suicide prevention this is a worthy cause. I talk a lot to tonight about assisted intelligence which most of these devices we have in the home and how they are being manipulated by the manufactures. Also for some reason,
Some Airline Tips in case you run into trouble on the holiday travel. I have been getting my butt kicked on some very finicky Windows 10 Machines and their networks. I swear sometimes teh thought of going 100% mac is sitting there with me as I just do ...
NASA says we will find Aliens in the next 20 years. I would be happy with just having software updated from Adobe that does not break everything I have. It simply drives me crazy that they can break something so bad from release to release.
I spend some time tonight talking about the Studio upgrades hopefully in enough detail tha the listening audience will not get bored. May be a good excuse to watch the show this round. Plus all the tech news of the day.
Thank you to everyone that participated in my Social Media Experiment from Facebook to Twitter we have some movement on the potential 1GB internet connection. More on this as I find out but there appears to be a very small chance to make it happen.