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This technology show hosted by Todd Cochrane a Pioneer in the Podcasting space, focuses on technology, science and New Media. Tech News for the common man, join his 175,000+ family of satisfied listeners viewers. Every show is a learning experience covering all things tech so you do not have to. One of the first 100 podcasters his show is a must listen. Author of the first book on podcasting and the CEO behind RawVoice the New Media company representing 19000 new media creators!

I talk a bit about the big game tech and of course share with you all the top tech news of the day.. Some major announcements coming next week from my team at and of course we are still on course for finding a new streaming partner.
If you are a YouTube Talent and you are in a Panic about loosing your livelihood I have some harsh advice for you on my show tonight. I hope it is advice that will cause you to re-think your brand and cause you to take control of your destiny.
Tonight’s show has me ranting about the Apple TV and some of the observations I found using it.. I also have a lot of fun tech stories tonight with a new mission to not sound like a NPR show. CES Partner: Tack App. Tack App OverView.
Twitter in Trouble? Following a mass Exodus of leadership it looks like Jack Dorsey has cleaned house. The question is can he now add new features fast enough to restart Twitters growth… Only time will tell,
Ohana Sometime I have to call a Spade a Spade. I call things as I see it, and while it may make people mad, this show is an opinion an commentary show. Their is no way I can make everyone happy with my commentary.
I have pretty much caught up and have bounced a lot of projects out in the past week. We are smooth sailing with the show for the force-able future. Lots of tech news tonight and a new experiment by doing the show live on Blab.
I am so happy to be back in the studio. I missed all of your while I was off covering CES 2016. I give you all the juicy details and share tidbits throughout the show of the trends and things I saw at the show.
Full show tonight folks with a heavy dose of tech news and information brought to you buy your energized geek here at Geek News Central.. Big thank you to the Insiders supporting the show and all of the Ohana that is supporting us through our sponsors....
Todd catches the Ohana up on what has been happening, talks about the upcoming CES show and plans for the new year. He also introduces Tack App a new partner that has been signed for CES. CES Partner: Tack App. Tack App OverView. Use Case Tack App.
According to the FAA those of us that fly drones are all Aviators I take a little offense to that as being and actual Aviator takes a lot of hard work and skill.. Its not to hard to fly an almost autonomous drone.
GNC #1014 RIP Spock March 3, 2015
I touched a nerve on the last show. Some great email comments and debate on the FCC actions. I also pay tribute to Leonard Nimoy aka Spock on his passing plus all the tech news you can handle. This is a feisty one folks strap in. -
The FCC has brought the big hammer and executed the nuclear option. Now it is World War III between the ISP's, Mobile carrier and the FCC / People. Was this a perfect solution not by far. But if the ISP's had not installed a Toll gate and become trolls...
The FCC battle / vote is this week and thus the lawyers are going to have a field day. Many a car and home will be able to purchased from the proceeds before this is all over.. I am sure a trip to the Supreme Court as well.
GNC #1011 iCar? Feb. 20, 2015
Lost my voice on Monday so apologize for now show.. I talk about the rumored iCar, and the stupidity that Lenovo thinks delivering computers with malware is a good idea. - Become a GNC Insider Today!: - Download the Audio Show File -
Back from my very productive planning trip. 2015 is going to be an incredible year and I cannot wait to share with you all what we have cooking. It's going to be beyond huge. A pile of Tech News today and and update on the show schedule with two shows...
Are you ready for the fireworks to begin. The FCC will announce a variety of proposals on net neutrality on Thursday setting up what will for sure be a war of words, lawyers and congressional theatrics. Get your popcorn ready it's going to be a heck of...
The FCC has just come out swinging and the broadband companies are not happy in the least with the new minimums of 25/3 mbps. This is a big win for rural America and could at some point see faster broadband speeds for the folks that need it the most..
I am beyond blown away by the Comcast Ghost Writers scandal.. They are pretty bold and it is obvious a lot of politicians are bought and paid for by Comcast. I go off on the Ghost writing practice and a pile of other tech and science news. -
Thank you for your generosity on the last show details in the podcast. Tonight I focus on Windows 10 and the travesty that is happening over at and the spying that is taking place. Do not miss the show.
I have a very critical mission for you today. Sean and Jenn Thorpe both writers and Ohana here at GNC have run into trouble with their hot water heater. Sean is Legally Blind and Jenn has her own health issues.