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This technology show hosted by Todd Cochrane a Pioneer in the Podcasting space, focuses on technology, science and New Media. Tech News for the common man, join his 175,000+ family of satisfied listeners viewers. Every show is a learning experience covering all things tech so you do not have to. One of the first 100 podcasters his show is a must listen. Author of the first book on podcasting and the CEO behind RawVoice the New Media company representing 19000 new media creators!

GNC #1004 The Way Ahead Jan. 16, 2015
I am very excited about the future of Geek News Central and where we head from here. I am looking forward to a great 2015 and look forward to having all of you along for the ride. - Become a GNC Insider Today!: - Download the Audio Show File
GNC #1003 Let’s Rock Jan. 13, 2015
Wow what a couple of weeks it has been. I give you all the details plus deliver a pile of tech news and information. I am totally jazzed to be back in the studio with you let's rock. I have a ton of content that will be coming at you ...
I cover the North Korea Situation and all of the tech news of the day to include and update on what we will be doing for CES 2015
GNC #1001 The Road Ahead Dec. 19, 2014
Whew we got that one behind us.. This is another great show full of tech talk and of course the announcement of all the winners for the contest. Congrats to all and thank you for the kind words from the last episode..
Tonight's 1000th episode is so important to me for you to listen, or watch that I am limiting the show notes for this episode only. I have a message for the Ohana and for Podcasters alike. There are so very few of us that have reached this milestone,
GNC #999 T-Minus 1 Dec. 12, 2014
With Christmas upon us things are as busy as ever here in preparing for the holidays and the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show.. MY PV aka Solar System got turned on and I am now sticking it to the man as my meter rotates backwards from my personal po...
Has been a crazy week away, I get you all caught up and of course share with you my PV aka Solar install. I also do a dive on the Sony Blackmail / Hack and how the ante has been raised by email threats to the employees.
So what did you score for Cyber Monday. I found a couple of deals late in the afternoon today but nothing that was earth shattering. Lots of tech and I share with you a program update and about a special show I am going to produce when they put solar ...
I have some deals for you if your looking to spend some money for some gear and gadgets, plus I have a stack of tech news and information. Have a great Thanksgiving Ohana. - Join me in a 10 day transformation following the Thanksgiving holiday.
Uber PR Wreck, Comet Landing Noise, Tech News, Science, Space and More
GNC #994 Murphy’s Law Nov. 18, 2014
Well we blew up a computer on the last show, that's how hot this show is... Besides me not knowing what day it is, this is as packed as a show as they come... I make up some time from when I was on travel. - Become a GNC 1000 ...
I share the past weeks events plus I dig in deep in the news and deals and Net Neutrality discussion that is front and center of a battle.
Space Tourism leads today's stories on the show with details of the crash.. With all the tech news you can handle as well.
Whoops I totally jacked distro on the last show.. Corrected! On to a ton of tech tonight.
The new Amazon Fire Stick is going to be a major set top contender. Packed with power to please. Plus all the tech news of the day.
GNC #989 It Lives Oct. 24, 2014
The Saga of my Mac Pro continues in a word it lives. More info in the show tonight. I know one thing they should have put wheels on this thing its as heavy as a tank. - Become a GNC 1000 Insider Today!: - Download the Audio Show File -
It has been bugging me for a while, that we are in this constant device cycle battle. I talk about that and all of the days news.
Lockhead has solved Fussion. That and more Tech News.
My Mac Pro died on Saturday, unsure what the verdict will be from Apple. Plus all the tech news you can handle.
My Mac Pro died on Saturday, unsure what the verdict will be from Apple. Plus all the tech news you can handle.