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Shame on you Apple! Apple has been deleting music off, of users computers for those that have signed up for Apple Music.. It’s a really bad situation artist are loosing original music and what is recovered is not the original version.
Road Show today with an Audio only. Lots of hot tech topics in this episode and a little more laid back show today. Download the Audio Show File Show Links: Malware Creator Fined. Twitter Case Partially Dismissed. Give me your Fingerprint.
Unless Congress does something, the Supreme Court has given the FBI More Power. They will be able to Judge shop and get a warrant issued for any electronic devices, anyplace in the country from any jurisdiction in the country..
So tonight I tried the new Facebook Live feature and had Facebook – YouTube – Livestream all live at the same time . To get the Facebook quality up where I want it I need to make a couple of cable changes, but overall it’s not bad.
No video version this episode Mike Dell here. Guest hosting for Todd this week. I am the host of Podcast Help Desk and Geek of the North, both on the Tech Podcasts Network. I have a smaller stack of stuff than Todd normally has,
Congratulations SpaceX on a successful landing on the Barge. Was awe inspiring. In addition today Ohana, I have a full stack of tech news.. Mike Dell will be guest hosting next show, so I am sure he will entertain you better than I do..
Had a humbling experience today and I am eager to share with you. A great line up of tech news, and a surprise from my sponsor. Download the Audio Show File Show Links: Uber Military. Apple Mac Pro long in the Tooth. FBI Plays Coy. Buy an Identity.
My apologies and the abridged show notes, I wanted to get a show out but did not have time to finish adding all the links due to needing to get to the airport. I have linked to the listener links, huge thanks on the show feedback today as well and ...
Had an interesting experience on Facebook yesterday caused by a group of people not getting all the facts or choosing to ignore all the facts. Was a wake up call for me that we live a highly charged world where people do not want to discuss issues,
Interesting study being highlighted in the first story tonight about Mass Surveillance and Free Speech. Chilling if you read it. I fumble around the studio and you should enjoy the show over my Pre-Show exploits.
The Battle for Constitutional Rights continue It seems their is a never ending story of battles between all levels of government. Privacy seem to be the word of the year so far, and largely the American Public continuing to loose the battle,
Apple’s Announcement today was very disappointing to the tech heads expecting something more. The public has become used to Apple really upping the game.. But in this instance it was just introducing some new products and not advancing very far.
Today’s show I explain some of the new features we will be using with the Tricaster AE with NDI upgrade plus all the tech news you can handle. So would you be able to go without daylight if you had Internet..
Seems I have been issuing wayward Amazon Echo commands, apparently commanding your Amazon Echo by telling Alexa to play the latest edition of the Geek News Central Podcast. My Sincere apologies all that plus a pile of tech news and information you are ...
Geek News Central Episode 1100 is in the can.. Seems like that 100 was the hardest yet. Very humbled your still all here and that we are still moving together as an Ohana.. Only 900 more till 2000 so on we march.
The inventor of email Ray Tomlinson passed away this past weekend. He is widely credited in inventing email a proud legacy. I talk about how communications have evolved over the past 30 years and some of the perils of modern communications.
How low will they go? Billboards are now Spying on us as we drive buy. Courtesy of comcast and their mobile partners who have come up with a way to collect intelligence on us as we drive by. You think big brother is out to track you,
Pissed of the Aliens? Yes I go there, but your going to be surprised on how I get there. :) Dad duty called last Thursday so apologize for no show but I think I make it up to you in this one. If nothing else you are going to get ...
The real privacy battle is the war that is waging behind our browsers and how companies are watching our every move to the point of it being downright creppy. We are on the march finally to 1100 and looking forward to getting over that line.
I break this Apple debate down hard, they are simply stuck between Patriot and Privacy in the end we will see if you agree with me on where their minds should be. A hard hitting look at what is going on here and some realities of the situation.