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Getty Images the ultimate image litigator gets sued by a artist who has over 18,000 images in the public domain that Getty has allegedly laid claim & copyright to. She seeks 1 billion dollars in damages. Seems about right.
I have some fun tonight on Verizons behalf for being so stupid to buy Yahoo for almost 5 billion dollars. Yahoo’s founder tonight probably wishes he sold to Microsoft for 50 billion when he had the chance. Winner Microsoft..
Verizon plays dirty in forcing a number of their unlimited customers to throttled plans and has decided to be a bully. Verizon made a bad business decision before and consumers chose wisely now they are going to be forced to pay up or have their accoun...
Their is a crazy deal for privacy violations in works that would allow the US/UK to collect their citizens data in each others countries being proposed by the administration. Sadly some companies are actually behind the initiative that has each governe...
Burning the candle on both ends here folks, things have been as crazy as ever. Believe me though it is a good thing. Today we roll back the time machine and Nintendo is about to introduce the Nintendo Mini and wow people are going crazy over the announ...
Pokemon Go Fever is sweeping the country every place I go people are playing the game and getting some serious exercise. If you play Ingress you know where all the Pokemon Go Gym’s are as they match the portals.
The Tesla Auto-Pilot is loved by their owners. But apparently one driver trusted it way to much, and from all appearances was not paying attention as Tesla recommends when the car ran under a turning Semi. The driver died at the scene.
Google is getting into the Kids Toys that train them to use logic and code using what is calle Google Bloks. Designed to teach young kids the logic behind coding.. Being a programmer requires incredible logic skills and lot of math..
Big announcement today Roku comes to Windows 10, Laptops and Tablets can now run Roku and all associated channels.. This is huge you no longer need a dedicated Roku device and can use your own device. I have a ton of tech news along with some weird con...
It’s time to start providing some enhanced content, you are going to as what the heck that means? Well it is time to broaden the shows horizon a little bit and explore some content that I have always loved, but have not covered in the past.
DNC Hacked – Hard to believe that one of the most powerful political groups in America had their servers hacked by Russians.. Shows you they should have spend a little more time locking things down. Big gift to the RNC that is for sure..
I spend time today talking about the LinkedIn Acquisition and its business impact. I also cover in depth the WWDC announcements and the changes coming to the MacOS / iOS. I also cover the new Patent Troll ruling and the impact to businesses.
Back from my trip to Michigan and back in the studio. One extra episodes missed but when there is no news not a lot you can do about it. I have a lot to share and an action packed show. Download the Audio Show File Show Links: Mars Stinks.
Google wins big over Oracle and sent their lawyers home to work on their appeal. Wrapping up 6 years of litigation and a big win for fair use advocates. This case was a big deal and if upheld by appeals court should help programmers worldwide.
This is a monster show with a massive amount of critical content and news stories you are not going to want to miss. We have news on Facebook who is saying that they are innocent and not guilty of manipulating the news..
Still dealing with Jet lag bad but the show had a bunch of great tech in it tonight. Lot’s of Military Tech articles covered as well. The studio has lost some weight, cable weight that is, with lots of streamlining in progress.
It’s absolutely wonderful to be back in the studio. But Murphies law played a trick on me.. I discuss whats happening here and a pile of tech news including how cable companies are crying wolf .. Glad to be back in Hawaii for a couple of weeks.
Comcast appears to be up to the same old tricks in using third parties to do their dirty work.. Quick show today back to the studio next week. Lot’s accomplished these two past weeks on the road but ready for some Aloha.
Appears Facebook may be playing favorites when it comes to the content it presents the masses. Several editors have come forward and presented concerning evidence that shows Facebook may need to look at how it’s not serving at least 50% of it’s users.
Shame on you Apple! Apple has been deleting music off, of users computers for those that have signed up for Apple Music.. It’s a really bad situation artist are loosing original music and what is recovered is not the original version.