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The source of computer talk that you can use, General Protection Fault has been providing relatively new-ish information, reviews and interviews covering technology, games and computers for over 17 years. Your hosts Jeremy Smith & Ivan Baird been around for awhile so a wealth of knowledge is just a week away! Learn more at!

Gamefly is shutting down its streaming game service, Walmart is launching a new e-reader and audio book service, Nvidias new RTX 2000 series of cards is announced and we journey to the gated town of Rynoka in 11bit Studios recent game release Moonlighter.



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Facebook is losing massive amounts of traffic to YouTube, Magic Leap is now available, for the low, low price of $2300, Huawei is now the number 2 seller of smartphones in the world and home improvement chain Lowes lets you try out tools in VR.
Toy catalogs may make a return thanks to Amazon, tou cant quite print 3D guns yet, facial recognition system, Rekognition, wrongly identified 28 members of Congress as arrestees and from Next Car Game to Wreckfest, we take a look at the demolition derby
All of World of Warcraft is now playable for one monthly fee, the European Commission hands out another round of fines, many of the cryptocurrencies endorsed by celebrities are no more, the upcoming version of Chrome will mark all non-HTTPS sites as unsa
Netflix’s Smart Downloads aims to make binge-ing an even easier process, the EU has handed down a $5 billion dollar fine to Google for Android antitrust violations, music albums can now be patched after they are released and Tidal Correspondent Jeremia S
How much money have you spent on Steam? A Valve sanctioned tool makes it crystal clear, 4 major phone carriers are actually trying to protect your privacy now and Microsoft is redesigning Office to make it simpler.
This year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo is in full swing, Bitcoin’s massive price surge in 2017 is allegedly due to manipulation, Netflix is adding a game to its streaming service, kind of, and Ivan Baird embraces his supernaturally conflicted inner be
Microsoft is now ahead of Google as the worlds third most valuable company, the SEC is getting serious with a new appointee to deal nearly exclusively with cryptocurrencies, Facebook has shared your data with at least 60 different organizations and Valve
YouTube Music & YouTube Premium are the newest offerings from YouTube, streaming service ESPN+ adds exclusive UFC deal, also GDPR, what it is and what it means and Hannah Tallan joins us for a discussion of all things farming in her look at the Star
Goldman Sachs launches its own cryptocurrency, AMD’s earnings up thanks to Ryzen and cryptocurrency, Turtle Beach sites battle royale games for increased headset sales and Owen Bradley joins us for a discussion of Fortnite and Vloggers.
Google’s I/O Conference revealed some pretty innovative AI advances, Valve has a new bit of tech that will let you play Steam games on your phone, and phone manufacturer ZTE is effectively out of business in America.
Samsung’s newest phone has no online connectivity at all, T-Mobile has been fined $40 million for faking ringtones, 4 companies must change their games or be considered gambling under Dutch law and it appears as though cryptocurrency has truly arrived, P
The FTC rules that you can legally open your electronics and not violate warranty, AI is starting to take shape that will combat journalistic bias, New York power companies can charge bitcoin miners more for electricity and a look at a slick match 3 game
AI & Robots may not be taking as many of our jobs as feared, Monolith’s Shadow of War game is dropping all microtransactions, Uber and Lyft drivers are paid less per hour than you think and a new feature in Google makes looking up movie times and in
Geforce Now lets you stream games by the hour, vinyl and CD sales are outpacing digital downloads, cord-cutting is rapidly increasing and satellite tv is starting to suffer and a new Firefox add-on can help prevent Facebook from tracking you.
GTA 5 is the best selling videogame of all time in the US, cryptojacking has found its way into browsers and apps across the world, and the surprising Intel and AMD team-up to make a laptop processor.
201 Episode #201: Minimap Nov. 1, 2017
The number of insecure websites is decreasing, Gamestop is getting into the rental business, Twitter has managed to add 4 million users, and a closer look at a boon (or bane) from the world of gaming, the minimap.
200 Episode #200: 200! Oct. 18, 2017
Cord cutting is starting to hurt cable behemoths, Netflix has an increase in subscribers and original content, all about the WPA2 wireless vulnerability, and a review of Lock’s Quest from THQNordic.
199 Episode #199: Phat Lewt Oct. 11, 2017
A discussion about your gaming friend and mine the loot box, Nintendo World Champion crowned after playing never before released level, and the Oculus Rift takes a permanent price drop.
198 Episode #198: Robodoc Oct. 4, 2017
All Yahoo accounts prior to 2013 compromised, a robot has performed one of the most precise medical procedures ever, Samsung makes more money on iPhones, and a review of Baja: Edge of Control HD.