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Another day another data breach comes to light, this time 10 million guest records from MGM Resorts, Redbox embraces synergy with a pivot… to a free live-tv streaming service, Sony backs out of PAX over coronavirus concerns and Groupon drops goods to foc
Netflix is finally letting you stop the autoplay trailers, Counter-Strike Global is about to take action through muting teamates, Geforce Now launches and immediately loses access to Activision/Blizzard games and a recent South Korean documentary recreat
Xbox head Phil Spencer says PlayStation isn’t what they are worried about, Steam breaks a record with over 18 million players online simultaneously, Huawei has passed Apple in the smartphone race and U.S. court rules that being muted in a game isn’t an e
Old farm equipment is experiencing a gold rush, Scroll removes ads across a range of sites for a flat fee, Grubhub is offering deliveries from restaurants that haven’t signed up and Some advice for people seeking free anti-virus software that won’t spy o
Tax prep software can no longer hide free offerings, and may have a new competitor in the future, Google Play store will stop notifying you of app updates, Disney is dropping “Fox” from all of its new purchases and Pokemon Go’s Live Events may in fact dr
More than a 100 million folks are using the Epic Game Store, Robot restaurants are on their way out, at least in San Francisco, PC sales are up for the first time in 9 years thanks in part to Lenovo and We look at the worst data breaches of 2019.
Netflix library is shrinking as focus turns to original content, Rocket League is officially loot box free and electric vehicles outsell manual transmissions in the US.
Valve announces a return to the world of Half-Life in VR, Motorola reveals the new foldable Razr smartphone along with its price and Twitch studio is available and now ANYONE can quickly be a twitch streamer. All of this and a review of the RecJoy Digita
T-Mobile is promising an awful lot if they are allowed to merge with Sprint, Disney+ launches to the delight of 10 million subscribers, and pirates. Not happy with just FitBit data, it looks as though Google probably has all of your medical history too.
Twitter is banning all paid political ads starting November 22nd, AT&T’s failure to offer a truly Unlimited plan results in a $60 million fine, Fitbit will soon be owned by Google and Alex Everett puts on his existential fedora and dives deep into D
EA aims to start using Steam again, a quick chat about RTX-enabled games, Sony’s PS4 is the highest selling current gen console, the Xbox All Access program returns and a look at what Windows 10x is and if it really matters to you (hint: it doesn’t).
Google’s streaming game tech Stadia could have better latency in a year or two, the latest device to get DRM, Nerf darts, the Internet Archive recently added a plethora of pre-windows games and a look at Destiny 2s new release and relocation along with a
Gamestop is trading itself in to the tune of 200 store closings, World- building game Civilization 6 announces a battle royale mode and the biggest announcements from Apple’s recent tech event.
NBA 2K20 isn’t even pretending it isn’t gambling, Nike has a subscription shoe service for kids, Destiny 2 players can now link their accounts with Steam and over a million people have been watching stream of World of Warcraft classic on Twitch.
Long time music streaming holdout Tool joins the modern age, Disney+ is announced and what you can get for $12.99 a month and all three major console makers pledge to sort-of combat loot boxes.
Equifax agrees to data breach settlement, Affected parties may not get $125, Capital One data breach was less hack and more misconfiguration and Apple attempts to bypass tariffs by saying it wants to make products in the US.
30,000 followers makes you an Internet “celebrity,” says UK ad regulator, EA: We dont call them loot boxes, theyre surprise mechanics and Court rules Amazon can be held responsible for defective third-party goods.
GameStop is pivoting to a gamer-centric store space to stave off death, Apple is taking a cue from Epic and buying up podcasts that will be exclusive to its service, T-Mobile and Taco Bell are opening combination pop-up stores and if you use a wireless L
Samsung believes Smart TV’s should be checked regularly for viruses, Volvo’s autonomous trucking vehicle is hauling goods in Sweden and all about Facebook’s new crypto currency, Libra Coin.
Epic game’s store exclusive Metro: Exodus suddenly appears and is released on Windows Store, FedEx and Amazon are parting ways, 2019s E3 is winding down and we have a look at the latest and greatest from the Electronic Entertainment Expo.