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Geforce Now lets you stream games by the hour, vinyl and CD sales are outpacing digital downloads, cord-cutting is rapidly increasing and satellite tv is starting to suffer and a new Firefox add-on can help prevent Facebook from tracking you.
GTA 5 is the best selling videogame of all time in the US, cryptojacking has found its way into browsers and apps across the world, and the surprising Intel and AMD team-up to make a laptop processor.
201 Episode #201: Minimap Nov. 1, 2017
The number of insecure websites is decreasing, Gamestop is getting into the rental business, Twitter has managed to add 4 million users, and a closer look at a boon (or bane) from the world of gaming, the minimap.
200 Episode #200: 200! Oct. 18, 2017
Cord cutting is starting to hurt cable behemoths, Netflix has an increase in subscribers and original content, all about the WPA2 wireless vulnerability, and a review of Lock’s Quest from THQNordic.
199 Episode #199: Phat Lewt Oct. 11, 2017
A discussion about your gaming friend and mine the loot box, Nintendo World Champion crowned after playing never before released level, and the Oculus Rift takes a permanent price drop.
198 Episode #198: Robodoc Oct. 4, 2017
All Yahoo accounts prior to 2013 compromised, a robot has performed one of the most precise medical procedures ever, Samsung makes more money on iPhones, and a review of Baja: Edge of Control HD.
197 Episode #197: Ataribox Sept. 27, 2017
New Assassins Creed Origins to have Discovery Tour mode, Apple Watch is being used to steal pitching signs, Valve has pulled over 150 games from its library, the Ataribox, and a review of Sine Mora EX.
196 Episode #196: Equifail Sept. 20, 2017
Billions of devices affected by latest Bluetooth vulnerability, iPhone 8 and iPhone X pricing, and the Equifax hack, what we know and what it all means.
New York City police department is upgrading from Windows to iPhones, Phone companies are amping up giveaways, an AI can write reviews indistinguishable from the real thing, and a literal look at the Infray LED Penlight.
Moviepass makes watching theater films financially painless, Verizon redefines the word “unlimited” and throttles video, military bases can legally shoot down drones, and the $1000 smart phone is here.
UCF kicker was ruled ineligible due to monetized YouTube videos, Microsoft says 71% of users are fine with being watched, brain-training games dont train your brain, and the podcasting patent.
Jeremia returns from Japan, we have a Blu Phone privacy warning for you, YouTube Red and Google Play Music are planning to merge, and the cyber-attack on HBO could potentially be larger than Sony’s was.
191 Episode #191: Bored by Cyborgs July 26, 2017
We have been doing this show for a long time, Elon Musk says we need to regulate AI for human safety, Google Search is planning some big changes, and a review of Crashday: Redline Edition.
190 Episode #190: Dark Ages Email July 19, 2017
AT&T is tricking customers into opposing net neutrality, Microsoft has a new subscription-based service for businesses, Facebook will soon show ads in Messenger, and Google Glass is shifting to factories.
189 Episode #189: Everspace July 12, 2017
Valve is patching Half-Life 20 years later, VR headsets are nearing affordability, TV networks are gaming the ratings system, the largest 4k TV ever is available, and a review of Everspace.
Photobucket is accused of blackmailing users, Microsoft’s Bing is gaining against Google, Oculus founder supports anti-DRM VR software, and Tidal has a surprise Jay-Z exclusive release.
More than 5 billion people have a mobile phone, Yahoo & AOL are now Oath, a nonprofit plans to ban cell phone use for pre-teens, and reviews of Perception and GoreScript.
186 Episode #186: Chips N’ Dips June 14, 2017
The Android OS is installed on more than 2 billion devices, Bethesda’s mod announcement at E3, the death of Greenlight and launch of Steam Direct, and a review of Expedition: Vikings and Party Hard.
Nintendo’s upcoming online Switch subscription, an all-Electric Supercar loses to a hybrid in the Nurburgring Lap, one of Napster’s founders reveals movie anti-piracy technology, and YouTube is actually pretty effective at preventing pirates.