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If you don't speak hep, gig is a musical performance usually involving cats.
I think humans are inherently compassionate.
He influenced a whole generation.
I have a lot of channels. I watch a lot of movies.
Murphday with Jeff the Fireman!
No, ALL you get are breaks.
You never remember the change afer the change has happened.
Why would he admit that?
So not big would be smaller than not very big, logically.
I did some research into fear appeals.
No one is going to say, "Oh I wish the cymbals were louder."
Need drummer to hit you on buttocks with stick?
One of my favorite movies is Ratatouille.
I could say, "I'm good friends with Milton Mermacavish."
As holidays go, Easter is just the worst.
Getting in shape is the easiest and hardest thing to do.
It Goes To Eleven?!
How do we knwow the point where the things that give us pleasure start actually harming us?
There are those weeks that feel like months.