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I do not watch sports on television.
Why is there rice in Spain and nowhere else?
Many horror movies are just the bomb going off.
You never quite know what kind of an impact you're going to have on people.
It's so cold I've been wearing one outfit.
You brush your teeth for two minutes, it feels like a month.
Jello fish has got to go.
In which badger juggling is used to illustrate creativity as a process
Every year I do this weird calculus. I look at the calendar and I think- when do we get the tree?
If you study the sun, you study the universe.
3 - 2 - 1 LIT!
An imagined scenario
Is a cold piece of toast, toast?
Let me tell ya, something occurred at this Csicon that has never ever happened to me in any performance situation before.
He never starts the show with the theme. What's going on?!
That’s what it is about anticipation. It’s pure potential.
The Frank Zappa Hologram Tour
Am I allowed to have a shoulder-mounted rocket launcher?