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The Geologic Podcast is a weekly podcast consisting of personal stories, comedy sketches, news commentary, music and movie reviews, science advocacy, original songs, and interviews. Its host and producer is musician, composer, drummer, comedian, storyteller, TEDx speaker, event emcee, and vigilant defender of the Theory of Gravity— George Hrab. The content often draws from Geo’s musical career; the music industry in general; his adventures as a semi- almost-famous critical thinker; his fascination with language, culture, and science; and ranges in tone from incredibly serious to unbearably silly. The show’s name is a portmanteau of “George” and “Logic,” and—quite confusingly—the show contains no geology content whatsoever. Recurring characters on the show (all portrayed by Hrab) include Dr. Damian Handzy, Mortimer, Minoishe Interroberg, Rupert McClanahan and many others. The podcast content varies from week to week, but often features several of a number of recurring segments including Interesting Fauna, Ask George, Geo’s Mom Reads Jay-Z Lyrics, The History Chunk, Horror-Scopes, and The Weekly Standard. George looks at his show as a type of “brain sorbet” for those who may need the occasional respite from the “coarses” of life. The podcast started in February 2007, and George has rarely missed posting one episode per week ever since. Just ask his therapist.

The Show Notes Kinzua Bridge and the Industrial Esthetic Intro Halloween Costumes Religious Moron of the Week _ - Glenn Davies _from Jeremy C. Lehigh Valley Podcast Festival Application Captivating True Stories from The Adventures of The Philadelphia Funk Authority _ - No-Cell-Phone Wedding Podcast Subscriber Letter: AWW-TUM-NUH Tickets for Extravaganza LA still available Show Close ................................... Mentioned in the Show Kate Racculia and Tuesday Mooney Talks to Ghosts_ ......... Upcoming Gigs of Significance *The Skeptics Guide To The Universe and George Hrab: * A Skeptical Extravaganza of Special Significance TOUR [Saturday, November 23, 2019 Los Angeles, CA // Dynasty …


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In many ways, older is cooler.
There are, however, some zones of, let's say, sacred non-texting time.
For some reason, that morning, that third light was red.
I am an unrepentant fan of Sylvester Stallone.
I got rid of my couch.
It occurred to me that 30 years had gone by.
And that's when the trouble always starts, when ya' start thinking about something.
I'm going to look like some demented Cesar Romero on a bicycle.
What would it take for you and your sibling to not get along?
They were sick of their artists and their production companies getting lost in Europe.
Sunday was the best day of the summer.
My eyebrows are as high as they could go which on this forehead is very high.
WaWa hoagies are heeeere. Wawa hoagies are heeeeere.
The more you work out, the more you work out.
We just passed six million downloads!
All I usually say is "Matthew 6:5."
I spent most of my youth either underwater or up in a tree.
My brain is just a gumball machine full of bees.
I'll find some tie-dye locally. How hard could it be?