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Two geek change hemisphere...what could go wrong?

It's the middle of July, and the middle of winter in the southern hemisphere, and probably the nicest time in Brisbane. For a change it's not too hot, and maybe even a bit cool. We've had some big changes, a call to the farm phone (206-202-GOAT) and some great new plans. So tune in, hear […]


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A look at our trip in Noumea and some of the fun we had there.’
Wow, forgot to do the blog post before we left. Sitting in the hostel in Noumea doing it. How cool is that? Hope you enjoy this weeks show.
Hello? Anyone else out there? We’re getting back into the swing of things again, and this is a quick catch up show.
Happy New Year everyone! We have a some big news this week, so make sure you tune in for some fun. We talk about Christmas in the land down under, and the heat of summer, and what to do when that summer time rain comes.
For the first time I’ve heard of Movember from the US, so it’s gone full circle. Do you know it started in Australia? Well that’s a good topic for this month, and we look back at the October and all the wonderful adventures we go[...]
We have 3 great farm phones for this show, with status updates from Hay River, NT and the swamps of northern Illinois. We then talk about the surprise we got when we went to the Neurum Creek Folk Festival, and at the tomato plants growing in the fr[...]
Call the new farm phone at +1-484-462-GOAT! Well this is a rather odd combination! Only in Queensland? We have a look at our new garden, and the ski trip to New Zealand.
Two great calls to the farm phone at 206-202-GOAT from some long time listeners, with some great information and updates. So this weeks show spans all the way from Hay River, NWT to Australia. (about 22,000km )
We have a great show this week, the farm phone was good and active and we have a great question about moving from Illinois to Perth. If you have anything to add, callt he Farm phone at +1-206-202-GOAT We also talk about camping up on the Sunny Coas[...]
We had a great weekend at a bluegrass convention, and we talk about our experiences.
Tax Time Podcast June 28, 2011
Well, tax time is a little different here, so this week we talk about taxes, and beer. Two fun topics to mix together.
We have a good fun show this week looking at how Aussies have made burgers their own. A short fun show!
Blurp, blurp, welcome back for another week! This week was talk about differences with breakfast and strange and wonderful burbling. Call the farm phone at 206-202-GOAT!
Hey guys, sorry for the late show, but we have a good one this week. We went on a farm tour with Food Connect, the CSA we get fruit and veggies from. I took some pictures too.
Egg Rings Podcast May 5, 2011
This week we have a great call to 206-202-GOAT, so we talk about Supers, then we talk about camping and egg rings. It’s short crazy show on a late Thursday night.
We had 4 great calls to +1-206-202-GOAT this week. Long time listeners call up, and learn about moves, changes, Brazilian bonuses, etc. We then talk about our extra long weekend, and australian holidays in general.
Welcome to a very different show! We’re going to take the show in a different direction. Make sure to tune in for the changes.
Barncast 251 — Hobbies April 5, 2011
This week we look at some of things we can do now that we don’t have a farm, and what is harder, and what’s easier. We also look at our fall garden and what the plans are for the winter garden. Call the farm phone with your thoughts at [...]
We’re both back in town, and we we’re back on the air. I hope you all enjoyed the break! We need calls to the farm phone, 206-202-GOAT.